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Virtuozzo servers often server as a basis of OA platform, so it is very important to monitor their health - make sure that all containers are up and running, Virtuozzo nodes are available, etc. This article provides some advice and useful links regarding these aspects of OA administration.

Note: The terms VPS and Container are used interchangeably and refer to the same component.

Virtuozzo Containers Node Licenses

Check status of licenses installed on servers via OA Provider Control PAnel at Top > Services > Cloud Infrastructure > VPS Hardware Nodes, the licenses must be active.

Make sure to have Virtuozzo Containers hardware nodes configured to update licenses automatically. For instructions and details refer to the following Virtuozzo KB articles:

VPSs and Last Operations on Them

Check status of the last operation with VPS in OA Provider Control Panel at Top > Services > Cloud Infrastructure > VPSs.

Hosting services (like databases, webmail, antivirus or spam protection) in VPSs require containers to stay active, while automatic provisioning of new customer subscriptions depends on the VPS being both active and ready to provide services. For more information, see the following sections of OA Provider's Guide: Understanding Operations Automation Concepts and Understanding Provisioning Concept.

At the VPS screen, you may monitor their statuses and check if the VPS is ready for provisioning.

If you see a VPS with Last operation status Failed:

  • Click on the VPS name
  • On the Summary tab, you will find the ID of the failed task
  • Click the task ID link to see a description of the failed operation
  • Fix the problem mentioned in the failed task properties and re-run the task

    Reference: #10012 How to troubleshoot failed VPS related tasks in OA

OS and Applications Templates, Templates Updates

The list of installed Virtuozzo OS and application templates may be found in OA Provider Control Panel:

  • Top > Services > Cloud Infrastructure > OS Templates
  • Top > Services > Cloud Infrastructure > Application Templates

    To successfully create VPSs (containers) and install applications in them it is necessary to:

    • Keep templates in the repository ready and synchronized with Virtuozzo hardware nodes
    • Regularly update the repository with the newest templates to meet customer demands for the latest applications versions

    You can do the actions mentioned above both manually and automatically, refer to the following sections of OA Provider's Guide: VPS Hosting (non-OACI-based) in Operations Automation, Managing Templates and Managing EZ Templates.

Migration Tasks

Monitor uncompleted VPS migration tasks at Top > Services > Cloud Infrastructure > Migration Tasks.

To improve performance of the VPS server or for maintenance purposes, you may want to move existing containers to another hardware node. At the mentioned above Migration Tasks page, you can watch the progress (Scheduled Tasks) or revise the results of completed migrations (Tasks Execution Log).

To start VPS migration OA creates separate task in Task Manager with name Migrate VPS, you may monitor and troubleshoot VPS migration issues in Task Manager as well as via Migration Tasks section.

Additional information

See the global article OA Maintenance Guide for checking other important settings.

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