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Make sure that the following amounts are not approaching their limits, some of the features listed below may or may not exist depending on set of OA Hosting Modules installed on the system. Monitoring limits and capacities will help to prevent provisioning failures on your platform and cases when some host is overloaded.

IP Pools and Addresses

Monitor IP pools and addresses usage:

  • Top > Infrastructure > IP Addresses > IP Pools
  • Top > Infrastructure > IP Addresses > IP Addresses

NOTE: Register new IP pools when the exisiting ones are close to exhaustion. After the new IP pool was added to the system do assign it to the needed hosting servers, otherwise it will not be used.

Number of VPSs per Hardware Node

The number of VPSs can be checked via OA Provider Control Panel:

  • Top > Services > Cloud Infrastructure > VPS Hardware Nodes > choose node > General > Capacities

VPS Backup Disk Space

Go to Top > Services > Cloud Infrastructure > Setup > VPS Backup schedules and analyze values in the field Diskspace usage.

To adjust backup storage limit do the following actions:

  • Find the Virtuozzo hardware node where backups are stored in the field Destination at Top > Services > Cloud Infrastructure > Setup > VPS Backup schedules
  • Go to Top > Services > Cloud Infrastructure > VPS Hardware Nodes
  • Click on the server where backups are stored
  • Switch to the tab Stored VPS Backups
  • Click the Configure button in the section Backup Storage Settings
  • Adjust soft and hard limits to the needed values

Hosted CRM Services Usage and Users Limits:

Can be done via OA Provider Control Panel:

  • Top > Services > Collaboration > Hosted Dynamics CRM > Services > Usage
  • Top > Services > Collaboration > Hosted Dynamics CRM > Organizations > Users/User Limit

Blackberry Server Capacity

Can be done via OA Provider Control Panel:

  • Top > Services > E-mail > BlackBerry > Servers > Capacity

Exchange Users and Organizations

Monitor limits on size of Exchange organizations and mailboxes:

  • Top > Services > E-mail > Mailboxes
  • Top > Services > E-mail > Organizations

Exchange Mailbox and Public Folder Stores limits

Monitor available disk space on Exchange mailbox and public folder stores:

  • Top > Services > E-mail > Mailbox stores
  • Top > Services > E-mail > Other > Public Folder Stores

    Create and register in OA new Exchange stores in case currently used ones are approaching their limits, follow instructions in OA Provider Guide, Exchange Store Management.

Amount of APS application instances on provisioning gateway server(s) (for APS 1.2)

One provisioning gateway server can host up to 500 000 APS application instances, see Preparing Provisioning Gateway Host section for reference.

Once provisioning gateway server gets this amount of application instances (or less depending on its power and load), it should be marked as not ready to provide and additional provisioning gateway server should be added to system.

To see amount of APS application instances on each provisioning gateway server, use the following query in OA database:

SELECT t.host_id, h.primary_name,
CASE h.provisioning
    WHEN 1 THEN 'Ready to provide'
    WHEN 2 THEN 'Not ready to provide'
    ELSE 'Unknown'
END AS "Provisioning Status",
t.num_inst AS "Number of APS Application Instances"
FROM (SELECT host_id, COUNT(host_id) AS num_inst FROM aps_external_application_instances GROUP BY host_id) AS t
INNER JOIN hosts h ON (h.host_id = t.host_id)
ORDER BY t.num_inst DESC;

Example of the output:

host_id |         primary_name         | Provisioning Status  | Number of APS Application Instances
   6 |             | Ready to provide     |                                  84
   1 |             | Not ready to provide |                               10000
   8 |             | Ready to provide     |                                   2

There is existing feature request with ID POA-92826 to make it possible to see this information in control panel and set limit of APS application instances that can be placed on particular host by setting host capacity.

Hardware Nodes Services Amount

Check number of customer services provisioned per hardware node in the field Services at Top > Infrastructure > Service Nodes.

This amount should be reasonable for particular node power and service specifications. If some of the nodes already host a large number of customers’ services, you may want to add extra servers to make new services provision to them.

Additional information

See the global article OA Maintenance Guide for checking other important settings.

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