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  • Operations Automation

System properties

There is a set of global system parameters (also known as System Properties) that are applied to the whole OA installation and affect general workflow. They may be configured in OA Provider Control Panel at Top > System > Settings > System Properties > General.

Keep in mind the following notes while configuring system properties:

  • Some system properties may be modified by Provider only, others by Provider or Reseller
  • The most of system properties may be either enabled or disabled while others may be set to the desired values
  • If OA is integrated with BA then the following system properties are disabled and cannot be modified even by Provider as corresponding objects must be managed solely through BA:
    • Subscriptions management from OA UI
    • Resellers management from OA UI
    • Customers management from OA UI
  • The tab CCP Layout allows Provider to configure Customer Control Panel
  • The tab MyCP allows Provider to configure My Control Panel (control panel of service users)

These important system properties need to be configured properly (especially in case OA is integrated with BA):

  • Send asynchronous event notifications to Billing
  • Allow to move domains between subscriptions
  • Allow to use services from different subscriptions on domain
  • Ability to add domains from customer CP
  • Ability to remove domains from customer CP

Please refer to the section Configuring System Properties of OA Provider's Guide for more details.

Interface settings

Configure interface-related and display options per brand at Top > System > Settings > Brands > brand_name > Interface Settings:

  • Login screen language
  • Available languages
  • Error displaying modes
  • Units of measurement
  • Address layout
  • Regional settings

Please refer to Managing Brand Interface Settings section of OA Provider's Guide for details.

Custom Menu Manager

Configure the way OA menu structure will be displayed on the Customer Control Panel at Top > System > Settings > Customer CP Navigation:

  • Enable/disable elements of OA Customer CP
  • Bind menu items to a specific Service Template(s)
  • Create custom menu items

Auto-generated names

Define the template for generating the name of organizational unit (OU) in Active Directory, where objects (users, groups, etc.) provisioned by a subscription will be created. The following placeholders may be used: ${subscription_id}, ${account_id}, ${company_name}, ${unique}. If ${unique} placeholder is not specified, it will be implicitly appended to the end of template.

Provider may define custom template for generating the name of OU or select one of the existing ones:

  • S${subscription_id}${unique}‎
  • S${account_id}${unique}‎
  • ${company_name}${unique}

Advice: select subscription ID based template, in this case OA will create OUs using ID of customer subscription and it will be easy to find needed OU using Active Directory management tools since all subscriptions have unique ID in OA.

Additional information

See the global article OA Maintenance Guide for checking other important settings.

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