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Article ID: 113851, created on May 10, 2012, last review on Apr 6, 2016

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OA task Fix all-domain mailnames entries in LDAP fails with timeout error like in the example below:

Task ID 1234567
Queue name      ldap_alldomain_entries_serializer
Task name       Fix all-domain mailnames entries in LDAP
Task description        Task that fix LDAP all-domain mailname entries, starting from mailname: 1001
Queue status    Failed
Start not earlier than  May-05-2012 07:32
Method name     taskFixAllDomainsInLDAP on SCREF:QmailCluster:0
Last execution output   Request has been timed out, details:
system exception, ID ''
TAO exception, minor code = 3e (timeout during recv; low 7 bits of errno: 62 Timer expired), completed = MAYBE


LDAP database is inconsistent.


Recover and re-index LDAP database on LDAP server used by clustered qmail service in OA using the following steps:

  1. Stop LDAP server:

    # service ldap stop
  2. Move temporary files:

    # mv /var/lib/ldap/__* /tmp/
  3. Recover LDAP database:

    # cd /var/lib/ldap/
    # slapd_db_recover
  4. Re-index LDAP database:

    # slapindex
  5. Fix files ownership:

    # chown -R ldap:ldap /var/lib/ldap/
  6. Start LDAP server:

    # service ldap start

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