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Article ID: 113799, created on May 2, 2012, last review on Jul 14, 2018

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  • H-Sphere


You wish to create a new account via Signup > Moderate> Create but face the following error message

“The dns record "" already exists. You can use a duplicate DNS record name only for MX records”

logged in  the H-Sphere log /var/log/hsphere/hsphere.log :

2012-01-28 05:16:30,214 [TP-Processor6] INFO psoft.hsphere.CP - Error initDone
The dns record "" already exists. You can use a duplicate DNS record name only for MX records.
        at psoft.hsphere.resource.system.DNSServices.addToZone(
        at psoft.hsphere.resource.system.DNSServices.addToZone(
        at psoft.hsphere.resource.dns.DNSRecord.initDone(
        at psoft.hsphere.resource.dns.CNAMERecord.initDone(

But neither the KB article

Duplicated mail service resource creation

nor its predecessor

Duplicate mail resource creation

did help. The error persists despite there are no duplicated records in the Parallels H-Sphere database

hsphere=# select * from  plan_iresource where type_id=2 and new_type_id=1000 and new_mod_id='signup';
 plan_id | type_id | mod_id | new_type_id | new_mod_id | order_id | disabled
(0 rows)

and no dns records of the domain in question at all:

hsphere=# select * from dns_records where name like '';
id | name | type | data | ttl | pref | zone_id
(0 rows)


There is an extra mail service enabled in the new account’s plan. You have to switch that extra service off.


Let’s assume that a plan the account is to be created on is named Plan1 and its number is 5. Go Plans > Manage > #5 'Plan1' resources (in the 'Advanced' section) > Domain and add '_adv' in the browser's address bar to ‘resource_edit.html’ to get to the otherwise invisible advanced domain settings plan page.



On the 'Domain Advanced' page scroll down to the 'signup' area and disable the second of the two identical "Mail service" resources.

After that the account moderation should go fine.  Please note that the error message disappears only after you try to create the account once more, not immediately after you disabled the service.

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