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Article ID: 113686, created on Apr 12, 2012, last review on May 3, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.x


PVC related tasks fail in PBA-S in 5 minutes after start with the following diagnostics logged in problem report and PBA-S log /var/log/hspc/hspc.log:
[2012/04/01 09:19:31] [DEBUG] [11952] [HSPC::VZAgent::VZA25::Transport::send_pkt] Raw packet sent: <packet id="6" version="2.5.0">
[2012/04/01 09:19:31] [DEBUG] [11952] [HSPC::VZAgent::VZA25::Transport::recv_pkt] Using blocked read
[2012/04/01 09:24:31] [WARN] [11952] [HSPC::VZAgent::AbstractTransport::_fetch] Time Out during send/receive packets
[2012/04/01 09:24:31] [WARN] [11952] [HSPC::VZAgent::VZA25::BackupGate::error] Error while calling VZA
[2012/04/01 09:24:31] [WARN] [11952] [HSPC::VZAgent::Common::error] VZA error occurs: Cannot call VZA
[2012/04/01 09:24:31] [ERROR] [11952] [HSPC::CC::BackupAction::report_problem] Failed to backup a VE: Cannot call VZA

As it may be seen in the example above backup of PVC container fails in PBA-S exactly in 5 minutes after PBA-S sent request to PVC server to back up the container.


The task fails in PBA-S after timeout defined in the parameter VZ_HN_READ_TIMEOUT passed if PBA-S did not receive data from PVC server. The default value of this timeout is 5 minutes.


1. Increase the value of the parameter VZ_HN_READ_TIMEOUT in the main PBA-S configuration file /etc/hspc/hspc.conf to e.g. 21600 (in seconds), it is 6 hours and it is enough in most cases. Add the parameter to the configuration file if it is absent.

2. Restart PBA-S backend after parameter was changed:
# service hspcd restart

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