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Article ID: 113584, created on Mar 30, 2012, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.2


Provider enabled Anti-Fraud System in PBA-S at Top > Commerce Director > Anti-Fraud Manager > Setup, activated filter New Order Creation and added the rule Customer host is not located in the country specified in a customer account profile into the filter. The action in the rule is set to Need Approval.

So, the goal Provider wants to achieve is to mark order as Need Approval if customer placed order from IP address which does not belong to the country which customer selected in the Online Store during order placement.

A customer went to the PBA-S Online Store and placed order. A customer filled all data about their account correctly:

  • customer chose the country they are located in
  • customer placed order from IP address which is actually located in the country customer chose in the Online Store

In accordance with anti-fraud settings the customer's order should be processed without problems because the customer's IP address is located in their country.

However, PBA-S marked order as Need Approval as if IP address the customer placed order from does not belong to the customer's country.

The section Anti-Fraud Manager in the order properties displays error message Cannot identify the country like on the screenshot below:

In fact customer's IP address does belong to the customer's country according to 3rd party IP checking site, e.g.


There are may be two reasons of problem:

  • GeoIP Country Database of IP Country Anti-Fraud plug-in is outdated in PBA-S
  • Order was placed from private IP address, like, or


Check the date when GeoIP Country Database was updated in PBA-S at Top > Commerce Director > Anti-Fraud Manager > Anti-Fraud Plug-ins > IP Country > Plug-In Configuration > Last modified field.

Download the latest database from MaxMind website, unzip it and update database in PBA-S PCC at Top > Commerce Director > Anti-Fraud Manager > Anti-Fraud Plug-ins > IP Country - [Edit].

There is no way to solve the problem with private IP addresses, they do not belong to any country.

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