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Order provisioning fails in PBA with the following error message:

Resource 'Client accounts' overusage attempt (subscription #[subscription_ID], usage X, limit X).

The error message may be found on the Provisioning Items tab in the failed order properties in the PBA Provider Control Panel. The same error message may be found in the log file PEMGATE.log on the PBA Management Node during the failed order provisioning.

NOTE! This article describes the issue with 'Client accounts' resource only, for other resources please refer to general article - 116543


The reason of the problem is the 'Client accounts' resource in the subscription mentioned in the error message, it can be subscription #1 (PA Provider license) or reseller subscription [subscription_ID].

If the error message says about subscription #1 it means that amount of customer accounts in the PA license is exceeded.

If the error message says about subscription of a reseller it means that reseller ran out of customer accounts allowed in their reseller subscription or this resource is missing at all at the reseller's subscription.


Depending on the subscription ID in the error message the actions to resolve the problem may be as follows.

  • Subscription #1 (actually it is PA license): Provider has to contact their Parallels Account Manager to extend number of customers in the PA license.

  • Subscription of a reseller:

    a) if the resource is limited by the service plan, the reseller has to purchase additional unit of the resource or the vendor may increase the limit (and synchronize the subscription with the service plan);

    b) if the resource is limited by the branding template (which is more often) and the provider does not intend to bill the reseller for client accounts additionally, then the resource limit is to be changed from branding template. In POA deactivate the branding template, modify the resource limit, activate the template back; then in PBA synchronize the limit (Branding service template -> Resources -> Client accounts Synchronize button, option Update Reseller Branding Subscriptions is required).

    As a result, number of customer accounts in the POA reseller subscription will be increased, order can be resubmitted for provisioning.

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