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POA cannot create subscription, the error like this is shown:

Resource 'disc_space' (rti=<RTI>) has insufficient available amount for provisioning. Minimum required amount is 1024.

The error may be seen in POA Provider Control Panel when trying to create a subscription or it may be shown in properties of failed sales order in PBA Control Panel.


The problem occurs due to the wrong configuration of resources in the Service Template which is used to create subscription, it contains PVC Container (VPS) resource and some other hosting resource such as Apache, IIS, SharePoint or other. And one more reason of the problem is that auto-provisioning flag is enabled in the Service Template.

In this case POA tries to automatically create all the services available in subscription right during a subscription creation, including container. In current implementation, when POA creates container, it consumes the whole available diskspace in the subscription (reserves it for the container) and thus there is no space available for other hosting resource - Apache, IIS or SharePoint website and so on. As a result POA throws error message about insufficient diskspace when it starts to provision Apache/IIS resource.


The most correct solution for the problem is to remove conflicting resources from the Service Template in POA (and from Service Plan in PBA if necessary). Keep in mind that PVC container resource conflict with any other hosting resource type which requires diskspace.

Follow the simple rule - do not include VPS resource into the Service Template with any other hosting resource type which requires diskspace (Apache, IIS, Exchange, SharePoint and so on).

As a short term solution (if removing conflicting resource from POA Service Template is not possible) the problem may be worked around by turning off the auto-provisioning flag in the Service Template properties. In this case POA will not create all resources automatically (in particular POA will not create container) and subscription will be created in POA.


The proposed workaround has significant drawbacks, think carefully before applying it:

  • If PVC container was not created automatically during subscription creating then customer/reseller will not be able to create it manually in their CP. This effectively means that subscriber will not get ordered and paid services.

  • Customer/reseller will have to manually create all hosting entities in POA CP - webspace, Hosted Exchange organization and so on (except for PVC container, see above), POA will not do this automatically if auto-provisioning flag is disabled in the Service Template.

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