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Article ID: 113299, created on Feb 8, 2012, last review on May 11, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.3
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.2

Q: What is "consolidated invoice" and how do I enable it?

Consolidated invoice allows you to consolidate a number of invoices into a single invoice. This optimizes payments and allows the provider to reduce costs if a transaction fee is to be paid. It also reduces audit expenses. Consolidated invoice generation may be enabled through PCC or RCC:

Top > Billing Director > Settings > Invoice Settings: Enable consolidated invoicing

A consolidated invoice is paid on billing day.

Q: What options should I put to customer's Financial Info to allow consolidated invoice?

Consolidated invoice is generated only if billing day is set for account. Set the following options:

Top > Account Director > Customer Manager > Customers > <CUSTOMER NAME> > Financial Info
Billing Day: <NUMBER OF MONTH>

Q: How is a consolidated invoice generated?

A consolidated invoice is generated at the end of the billing period by the periodical task "Recurring payment process along with Invoice and Statements creation procedure."

Q: How can you control consolidated invoice payments to avoid financial loss?

To avoid financial loss, consolidated invoice payments must be properly controlled. Consolidated invoice settings should be adjusted with the invoice's overdue period and renewal period set in credit terms. The recurring order is generated via the N date before the Subscription's End Data:

Top > Account Director > Subscription Manager > Credit Terms > <CREDIT TERM>: Renewal order period [N days]

Settings for an enabled consolidated invoice generated via M date before the billing day are as follows:

Top > Billing Director > Settings > Invoice Settings > Configuration
Consolidated invoice settings                     
Generate consolidated invoice before billing day (in days): * [M]

Remember to configure the "Generate consolidated invoice before billing day" to occur before all renewal order periods and the invoice overdue period. When this is true, recurring orders are included in the consolidated invoice before the subscription end date. Once it is generated, orders are switched to "Paid" status and are then processed within several hours, after which the subscription is renewed.

Q: How do I exclude renewal of Domain Registration and SSL certificate subscriptions from a consolidated invoice?

Since services are auto-provisioned, a separate option is implemented to consolidate domain and SSL renewals. Domain and SSL certificate subscription renewals are subject to the domain Registrar or SSL Authority. To avoid auto-provisioning of an unpaid domain or SSL certificate, it's possible to exclude the domain and SSL renewal fees from the consolidated invoice. When consolidated invoice is enabled, the domain and SSL renewal fees may be excluded with the following setting changes:

Top > Billing Director > Settings > Invoice Settings
Include overusage fees to consolidated invoice
Include domains and SSL certificates renewal fees to consolidated invoice

Q: Which documents are included in the consolidated invoice?

  • Invoices for recurring orders
  • Invoices for resource over-usage
  • Invoices for resold services

Q: Which documents are not included in the consolidated invoice?

  • Invoices for sale orders placed on initial purchase, excluding resold services.
  • Invoices for upgrade orders: hosting plan change, add new resources, buy new application, excluding resold services.
  • Invoices for recurring orders generated during subscriptions end date adjustment to a single billing day.
  • Invoices generated for orders paid manually before billing day.

Q: Does having a positive balance and credit terms affect invoice generation?

Recurring orders stay in "Open" status without respect to the customer's account balance or credit limit; payments waiting for consolidated invoice generation are not auto-applied.

Q. If I change subscription End Date with button "Change End Date", how this affect consolidated invoice?

Recurring orders are consolidated according to current settings (changed) of subscription End Date.

Additional information

Consolidated invoice does not work: invoice is generated at subscription End Date or later

Consolidated invoice does not work: orders were included into a batch


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