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Article ID: 113251, created on Feb 1, 2012, last review on Jul 14, 2018

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  • Operations Automation 5.4


Parallels Operations Automation (POA) 5.4 Upgrade procedure - Known Issues

Issues List

  1. See the Parallels Knowledgebase article #113408 for all known issues in POA 5.4.

  2. See the Parallels Knowledgebase article #113933 (Preparing Host for WPE Deployment) to see the step-by-step instructions for new WPE server deployment.

    Note: the WPE hostname specified in the package properties during the upgrade MUST be resolvable from the POA Management Node (MN). You can edit the etc/hosts file on POA MN as a workaround.

  3. If POA tasks fail with the error message like "Destination host_id #39 : Attribute 'protected' is not declared for element 'VAR'" this means the POA Agent is not upgraded on the service host/VPS with ID from the error message. Try to re-install the appropriate RPM for Linux or the Win32InstallFiles/install_win_sn.exe file for Windows. Use the instruction in the Parallels Knowledgebase article #115541.

  4. The errors like "Destination host_id #69: Internal error: Unsupported HCL action "READDIR" during the upgrade mean that the POA Agent on the host was not upgraded to the most recent version. Try to re-install the appropriate RPM for Linux or Win32InstallFiles/install_win_sn.exe file for Windows.

  5. Task failure with the error like "Destination host_id #172 : Internal error: Error on depends checking - ""Microsoft SharePoint 2010": "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\14.0" - have not consistent setting" typically means that the SharePoint host does not have the required SharePoint 2010 SP1 (with update pack) version installed.

    Sometimes, SharePoint 2010 and all required updates are installed, and still the SahrePoint version in registry is not up-to-date. If this is the case, check the installed SharePoint version by executing the command (Get-SPFarm).BuildVersion in SharePoint 2010 Management Shell, and update the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\14.0, value Version, to the format 14.0.0.BUILD, where BUILD is the field returned in the SharePint Management Console. Refer to the Parallels Knowledgebase article #115176 as well.

  6. If the POA updater fails to check the result of the POA Agent installation on Windows Failover Cluster with the "" error, this is because the "PEM Agent" cluster resource is offline in the cluster after the update. Go to any cluster node, start the "Failover Cluster Manager", bring the "PEM Agent" resource online, and retry the action in the updater.

  7. APS application instances of the Parallels Web Presence Builder must be upgraded to version 11.0 after POA upgrade to POA 5.4. See the Parallels Knowledgebase article #113768 for more details.

  8. Post-upgrade task "Configure OAB Web Distribution settings for OAB service XXX" fails with the error "An IIS directory entry couldn't be created. The error message is Access is denied." This is caused by the incomplete configuration of the transition from Exchange 2007 to 2010. The Exchange 2007 Protocols packages were not removed from the Exchange 2007 servers after deploying the Exchange 2010 Protocols packages in the same POA Exchange cluster. Complete the transition deployment (remove the Exchange 2007 Protocols packages from Exchange 2007 servers).

  9. Fatal error on attempt to edit a brand after the upgrade: Unknown vendor (0x54410000) Minor Code: 640 vmcid: 0x54410000

    Unforeseen error is shown on attempt to edit a brand.

    Editing properties of the brand will not be possible (fatal error will be displayed on attempt to edit) in cases where there is any APS application in the system for which importing of the APS package is not complete, i.e., importing has failed or it is currently in progress.

    In order to resolve such a situation, it is necessary to wait until the importing of the APS package is completed successfully. Remove the package if importing has failed because of issues in the package itself.

    In order to prevent such a situation, it is necessary to check that there are no APS applications in the system that were not successfully imported; this can be done by looking through the list of applications in the POA Provider Control Panel > Service Director > Application Manager > Applications and finding applications with the empty "Provisioning Type" field.

  10. Update stalls on removal of the proxy_ds_provider package with the last message in the log similar to the following:

    NOTICE: [Tue May 15 03:24:38 2012] ===============> Removing other-proxy_ds_provider(id = 80) from = 1)
    NOTICE: Executing command: '[u'C:\\Program Files\\SWsoft\\PEM\\bin\\ppm_ctl', '-b', '-q', '-f', u'C:\\Program Files\\SWsoft\\PEM\\etc\\pleskd.props', 'deinstall', '1', '80']'
    DEBUG [xinstallPackage] ===> ENTRY 
    ===> pkg_id 7865: proxy_ds_provider:2.208 (other)
    ---- platforms ----
        : i386 Win32 any
    ---- end of platforms ----
    license required? :no

    This is caused by an attempt to un-register the PEMUI service which does not already exist (script is waiting for user input). The exact process which was stalling is cmd.exe /C ""C:\Program Files\SWsoft\PEM\tomcat\bin\tomcat5.exe" //DS//PEMUI" from workdir ().

    This may be fixed by manual registration of PEMUI service using the command line:

    cmd.exe /C ""C:\Program Files\SWsoft\PEM\tomcat\bin\tomcat5.exe" //IS//PEMUI --DisplayName "PEMUI" --Description "PEM system UI powered by Apache Tomcat 5""
  11. In POA 5.4 PPM packages on MN, UI and branding servers are upgraded in batches using a meta-package (set of PPM packages), which takes more time to install than a typical PPM package. However, the procedure as a whole is performed faster. Particular packages (members of the meta-package) are not enumerated during the installation and upgrade.

    NOTICE: Installing other-meta-package-1.0(8684) to host 1
  12. After upgradу, an exception occurs after trying to open either the Hosting CP or the Сustomer CP:

    Fatal error An unforeseen error occurred.
    Detail Message: "java.lang.NullPointerException".
    Stack com.plesk.p2.cp.core.pcp.modules.actions.clientcp.SelectSubscriptionHandler.isMenuItemHidden(
    Get/Post Data executedactions = pcp.PLoginHandler; sub_id = 1; renderenv = undefined; new_session_required = true; sessionid = 960c72947ef98ab6ed39a17449ed44fc; never_used_param = x; lang = en_US; nodeid = top_wh; menu_constructor = on; event1234submit = doSelect; action = pcp.PLoginHandler; bw_id = cabb58f09ab830ba4bee0760f8bdfd47; user_id = 1; referer =; is_client_cp = true;

    Workaround: in the POA Provider CP go to Configuration Manager > System Properties > CCP Layout and change the 'Top-level tab activated after login' parameter to 'Home'.

  13. Atomic action might fail with messages 'Cannot allocate memory' and 'Too many open files in system' because of too many open files (the number of files opened depends on the number of brands). This can be resolved either by stopping part of VPSs at the hardware node where POA Management Node is running, or by changing the 'dcachesize' and 'numfile' parameters of the POA MN VPS.

  14. After existing brands are upgraded, the old v2 skin is still used.

    Before installing the new v3 skin, remove the ".skin/custom" folder from the branding webspace. Otherwise, a broken skin will be shown.

  15. After upgrade NG Web Cluster cannot synchronize configuration database. This leads to inability of creating new webspaces/domains, reconfiguring webspaces, provisioning APS applications on NG webcluster. This is caused by information about multiple 'ApacheNG' services installed on NG web cluster. Solution is to remove older one from database manually.

  16. If the Customer CP menu structure was customized, some tabs in CCP might not be visible after the upgrade, e.g. the 'Users' tab.

    This is caused by the broken menu structure after the upgrade. Some items in the ui_custom_items table in the POA database have 'config' as their parent, however the 'config' item itself is not present anymore. The broken items should be reassigned to the 'root' item as their parent.

    Updating to 5.4.1 will automatically fix this issue.

  17. See the Parallels Knowledgebase article #115988 if you upgrading on pre 5.4.10 build and start of the POA UI service fails on VPS.

  18. After upgrade to 5.4.11 POA can not create SSO session via the Session Managment Method using the secret parameter.

    As the workaround modify the .branding_htaccess file on POA UI nodes in the branding webspaces:

    • Linux UI server: /usr/local/pem/vhosts/<access_point_webspace_id>/webspace/httpsdocs/[location]/.branding_htaccess
    • Windows UI server: C:\CustomerData\webspaces\webspace_<access_point_webspace_id\wwwroot\[location]\.branding_htaccess

    The rewrite rule

    # proxy requests for servlet with additional parameter - branding id
    RewriteRule ^servlet/([^/]*)/(.*)$ ${proxy_url}/servlet/$1/referer/branding-${access_point_id}-${ds_name}/${subst(path_prefix,'^$','never_used_param/x/','docroot_prefix/')}${path_prefix}$2 [P]

    should be replaced with

    # proxy requests for servlet with additional parameter - branding id
    RewriteRule ^servlet/Sessions(.*)$ ${proxy_url}/servlet/Sessions/referer/branding-${access_point_id}-${ds_name}/$1 [P]
    RewriteRule ^servlet/([^/]*)/(.*)$ ${proxy_url}/servlet/$1/referer/branding-${access_point_id}-${ds_name}/${subst(path_prefix,'^$','never_used_param/x/','docroot_prefix/')}${path_prefix}$2 [P]

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