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Article ID: 113218, created on Jan 25, 2012, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Operations Automation 5.4


The current implementation of the PACI Screen in the Parallels Business Automation Enterprise Online Store shows the "Custom" screen as the default screen, while resource sliders are set to values which are defined as per the last loaded set from the activation parameter

By default, there are three typical configurations available: Basic, Power, and Mega. When the PACI Screen is loaded, the sliders are set to values of a configuration named "Mega."

In order to change the default sliders position displayed on first PACI Screen Load, it is necessary to either add a new configuration to the activation parameters, or to change the last standard configuration.

In the below example, a new resource configuration preset called "Optimal" is added, which will set default values for sliders in the Online Store.


1) Go to POA Provider's CP

Top > Service Director > Provisioning Manager > Resource Types

and click the "CI Free Linux VE" resource type.

2) Switch to the Activation Parameters tab and click Edit.

3) Insert the new parameters set to the Default VE Configuration field. The resulting value will look like the following (the highlighted part was added to the default value):


Here, we added a new parameters set:


4) Save changes, and switch to Billing.

5) In Parallels Business Automation Enterprise Provider's CP

Top > Product Director > Online Store Manager

click "Synchronization Settings"

6) Synchronize the store.

Now, when you load the PACI Screen in the online store, the default configuration called "Custom" is opened and sliders are set to the values defined in the "Optimal" configuration:


NOTE: If you do not want to add a new configuration, you may modify an existing one, e.g., "Mega," and re-order the configurations so that the last one is displayed as "Custom."

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