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Any/all of the following bugs take effect:

PBA-34846          A subscription with promotion cannot be renewed
PBA-34713          POA should notify user if password reset failed
PBA-34673          Authorize.Net processing center doesn't support UTF-8 symbols
PBA-34616          DistributeIT plugin fails to update nameservers
PBA-34532          MESSAGE::FindNotifiableSubscriptions (and other Find* methods) consume lot of memory
PBA-34338          Switching ru to eng locale on cloud computing page results in half translated page
PBA-33967          PayToolTypeListForAccountWithCurrencyGet_API fails with CustomerAccountID passed as 0
PBA-33966          API method CreditCard2AccountAdd_API does not work
PBA-33965          API method PayToolTypeListForAccountGet_API VendorAccountID can't be alowed to retrieve the list of payment systems of a below Reseller.
PBA-33964          API method PlanCategoryListGet_API VendorAccountID can't be alowed to retrieve the list of plan categories of a below Reseller.
PBA-33963          API method PlanListAvailableUpsales4SalesCategoryGet_API. It impossible to get up-sales of all sales categories assigned (CategoryId=0)
PBA-33962          API method ResourceCategoryDetailsGet_API incorrect response
PBA-33961          Incorrect error message while SubscriptionAdd_API and SubscriptionWithIDAdd_API execution with wrong ParentId
PBA-33960          API method SubscriptionWithIDAdd_API return incorrect error message in case if subscription with specified ID already exists
PBA-33959          API method ResourceDependenceSet_API doesn't add resource dependency with reseller's credentials
PBA-33958          PBAE API security issues for Resellers
PBA-33773          wrong example in SDK docs for CreateAccounAndPlaceOrder_API
PBA-33696          Installed Japanese Language Pack is not listed
PBA-33303          UpdateObjAttrList_API method returns "Operation done" for non-existing account IDs
PBA-32954          Incorrect view string in Online Store.
PBA-29599          API methods access rights

Installation instructions

New Installations:

Note: Required installed version(s): 5.0.1 or 5.1.x
Note: Pay special attention to Online Store Post-Configuration parts both for Windows and Linux versions.
Note: Re-install custom plugins before running ./ according to 113142 -- [INTERNAL] Custom plugins (payment, domain registration) are missing after PBA-E update installation.


Installation files:
Note: Use installation files listed below instead of ones described in "Downloading and Copying Installation Files" section of corresponding guide.

RHEL4/Centos4 - 32bit
Windows 2008 – 64bit
Windows 2003 – 32bit

Additional information

1.       PBA will require a restart during the update.
2.       During the upgrade, all PBA RPMs will be upgraded to the newer version. If a backup is done with server/VPS restart,
          then a private key for credit card encryption needs to be reloaded. See:

          for details on loading the private key.
3.       For upgrades from PBA 5.1.2 and earlier versions, you need to rebuild custom domain/payment plug-ins.
          For plug-ins built with PBA 5.1.3 or later versions of SDK, this is not required.
4.       Additional documentation:
5.       This update includes changes from the PBA 5.1 Update 10 (and all previous Updates):

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