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A provider (a reseller) wants to be notified/wants the customers to be notified in case an order fails to be provisioned ending up in the status Provisioning Failed in BA.


Notifications about failed order may be sent in Order Flow transitions in BA.

Every transition in Order Flow in BA allows to configure Success Template and Fail Template. Each transition in Order Flow has two outgoing statuses (Success and Fail) and Order Flow Handler. Order Flow Handler is a function which returns either True or False. In case Order Flow Handler returns 'true', order goes to the status set in the Success parameter of the transition and sends a notification template defined in the Success Template Name. If Order Flow Handler returns 'false', then order goes to the status set in the Fail parameter and a notification template configured in the Fail Template Name is sent.

When BA detects that provisioning of an order fails, it changes an order status to Provisioning Failed (PF), so to send notifications in case of provisioning failures, it is needed to configure notifications for all the transitions that lead to status PF.

Below would be steps to configure notifications for Sales Orders.

Step 1: Create a notification template to be sent:

BA 5.4: Go to Top > Communication Director > Notification Manager > Notification Templates

BA 5.5, 6.x: Go to Home > System > Settings > Notifications > Notification Templates

Create a notification template with the message type Order Notification which will be sent in case order provisioning fails, indicate a proper address/placeholder in 'To Address'.

NOTE: make sure the notification template is created for an appropriate locale and does not have conditions that prevent it from being sent. If you want the configuration be valid for the reseller(s), make sure the notification template created is set to be visible for the resellers.

Step 2: configure an order flow to send the notification on all transitions that put an order to "Provisioning failed" status.

  • Choose a required order flow:

BA 5.4: Go to Home > Configuration Director > Order Processing > All Order Flows

BA 5.5, 6.x: Go to Home> System > Settings > Order Processing > All Order Flows

  • Choose order flow that is used by the provider/reseller
  • Choose Sales Orders -> Order Flow Transitions tab
  • Filter all the transitions which have Success = PF
  • For each of these transitions set Success Template Name to the name of the notification template created on the step 1
  • Go back to Top > Configuration Director > Order Processing > Order Types > Sales Order > Order Flow
  • Filter all the transitions that have Fail = PF
  • For each of these transitions set Fail Template Name to name of notification template you want to send in case of provisioning failure

Repeat the steps above for all desired types of orders - Renewal, Upgrade, Downgrade, etc.

As a result BA will send the notification every time an order goes to the status Provisioning Failed.

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