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Note: Since PA Office 365 Integration 4.6, the Office 365 subscription downgrade procedure is completely automated and the downgrade report script must not be used.


If a customer decreases number of Office 365 user seats in their subscription in Parallels Automation, the Office 365 MOSI Gateway Host accepts such reconfiguration, however it does not send any downgrade request to Microsoft Cloud.


Microsoft Online Syndication Interface (MOSI) does not support the Office 365 subscription downgrade (even if the requested new number of the user seats is less than the currently used number of the user seats in a subscription).


The Office 365 subscription downgrades should be processed manually by PA Provider through Microsoft support using the following procedure:

  1. The Provider configures the script which collects Office 365 subscription downgrade requests.
  2. The script is executed periodically, e.g. on daily basis.
  3. This script sends collected Office 365 subscription downgrade requests to the Provider via mail.
  4. Provider asks Microsoft support to process Office 365 subscription downgrade requests.

The script is configured in the following way:

  1. Prepare the host that meets the following requirements:

    • PHP is installed on the host;
    • PHP scripts are able to send e-mails from the host to the Internet (see the [mail function] section in the php.ini file);
    • HTTPS connections are allowed from the host to the Office 365 Gateway Host to the MOSI Connector URL. The existing POA Provisioning Gateway Host may be used.
  2. Put the downgrade_report.php script from the attached ZIP archive on the prepared host.

  3. Specify the following parameters in the script:

    • $mailrecipients - comma-separated list of e-mail addresses to which the Office 365 subscriptions downgrade requests will be sent. For example:,
    • $url - specify MOSI Connector URL (see the value specified in the Office 365 Application Resource Type). For example:
    • $scriptlocation - full path to the directory where the script is placed. For example: /root/downgrade/
  4. Configure cron (on Linux) or Task Scheduler (on Windows) to execute the script on a daily basis.

  5. Validate that script is executed and the subscription downgrade requests are sent to the specified e-mail addresses.

Note: All existing subscription downgrade requests are collected by the script - the downgrade requests that were sent to Microsoft support and the downgrade requests that were not sent to Microsoft support yet. When Microsoft support processes subscription downgrade requests, corresponding subscription are removed from the script output data.


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