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Article ID: 112900, created on Nov 27, 2011, last review on Apr 27, 2014

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  • Odin Business Automation Standard


Provider cannot register new Parallels Virtuozzo Container server in PBA-S PCC, the following error message is shown:
Failed to connect to the Hardware Node by its address: If you have reconfigured the software on the Hardware Node, try to connect it. Otherwise try to register again.

The following error appears in PBA-S log /var/log/hpsc/hspc.log every time when Provider tries to register server in PBA-S:
[2011/11/11 20:52:56] [INFO] [32089] [HSPC::OnDemand::VZAgent::open_hn_connection] Trying to connect to service_ve_ip =
[2011/11/11 20:52:56] [WARN] [32089] [HSPC::VZAgent::vza_do_connect] [VZI/Common]: Can't connect with Node: can't connect to local socket: Permission denied


Wrong permissions or/and ownership is set on the folder /etc/hspc/hn with local sockets which PBA-S is using to connect to PVC server.


Log into PBA-S Management Node by SSH as root.

Check ownership and permissions on the folder /etc/hspc/hn:
# ls -ld /etc/hspc/hn
drwx------  2 root   apache 4096 Nov  5 07:28 hn

In the example above permissions and ownership are incorrect - the folder /etc/hspc/hn must be owned by the user apache and this user must have read-write permissions to the folder.

Execute the following commands to solve the problem:

# chown apache:apache /etc/hspc/hn
# chmod 0750 /etc/hspc/hn

Verify permissions and ownership, they should look like below:
# ls -ld /etc/hspc/hn
drwxr-x--- 2 apache apache 4096 Nov 27 21:02 /etc/hspc/hn/

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