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  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.1

Release notes

Parallels Business Automation Standard - 4.1 update 5
**************** Table of contents ***********************************
(01) Build Info
(02) Prerequisites
(03) Features
(04) Bugs fixed
(05) Packaging
(06) Location
(07) Installation instructions
(08) Known problems and limitations
(01) Build Info
Build ID: 4.1.5-21
Built: 16 Nov 2011
(02) Prerequisites
1) ATTENTION! This build should be installed:
   a) Clean installation.
   b) Over Parallels Business Automation Standard 4.1.1-08 release.
   c) Over Parallels Business Automation Standard 4.1.4-29 release.
(03) Features added: 6

PBAS-26617 Plesk 10.4 support
         - The ability to manage PHP settings has been added to the Plesk 
  Domain hosting plan.
         - More options to configure Resource overusage policy for 
  Plesk Domain and Plesk Client
         - New permissions have been added both for Unix and Windows 
         - Separate zone files are created in PBAS for sites and site
         - Site aliases created are listed within a Plesk Domain 
  subscription properties under the Aliases tab
PBAS-26630 Improved PTR Records Management
       - Customers now have an ability to manage PTR records from the 
       Control Panel. 
       - PTR records are created automatically for every IP address 
       assigned to a Container. If a Container has several domains 
       assigned, then PTR records are created only for default domain, 
       so every IP has only one PTR record.
PBAS-26478 OpenSRS domain plugin improved
           Plug-in now supports:
  com, net, org, biz, info, name, mobi, asia, tel, at,,,,,, be, bz, ca, cc, ch, co, us,, de, dk, es, eu, fr, in,,, ws,,,, it, li, me, mx,, nl,,,,,,,
PBAS-26618 Assist payment plug-in now supports new protocol
           Assist plug-in now support new API.
  You need to contact the Assist support to get a new account 
  for a new protocol and change URLs in plugin configuration form.
PBAS-26408 Status of autorenew for subscription in CP is improved
       Now autorenew status is shown more accurately according to 
       the consolidated invoicing status, type of subscription, and 
       subscription setting.
Also, the vendor can switch off the possibility of changing renewal 
settings for subscription by the customer.
PBAS-26615 [PayPal Adaptive] transaction tracking improved
       Now, providers can track payments on PayPal side using reference 
(04) Bugs fixed: 17

PBAS-26434 Assist plugin improved: additional checks added; buyer data 
           prefill during redirect
PBAS-25294 [eNom] register .it domains improved
PBAS-24706 [OpenSRS] register .es domains improved
PBAS-24248 [OpenSRS] register .eu domains improved
PBAS-26666 Improve uploading files to PVC contaier
PBAS-26657 [SagePay] Payments with SagePay Tokens do not work for 
           Canadian customers.
PBAS-26642 Installation of PVC applications (templates) with 
           dependencies is broken
PBAS-26616 [PayPal Adaptive] wrong endingDate value is sent during 
PBAS-26614 For reseller's clone of provider's HP, the reseller is not 
           charged for "hosting plan setup fee"
PBAS-26612 Traffic shaping cannot be set for PVC 4.6
PBAS-26604 PVC 4.6 performance improved
PBAS-26593 Customer locale is not propagated to POA
PBAS-26582 PBAS+vzlin4.7: can't set traffic class #1
PBAS-26650 Exclusion for IP has not been added while registering PVC 
           node, if its IP is in IP pool
PBAS-26632 Provisioning of subscription on the base of HP with disabled 
           permission "Log rotation management"; hosting type "Physical
  hosting" and enabled preference "Enable log rotation" fails
PBAS-26621 JA locale improved
PBAS-26594 Integrated POA CP has wrong symbols for French locale.
(05) Packaging
 Parallels Business Automation Standard - 4.1.5-21 is shipped 
 in the form of an autoinstaller script and RPM packages directory:
   release/ - Parallels Business Automation distributive root
       \_ - Autoinstaller script
       \_ packages/  - RPM packages directory
       \_ release-notes.txt - Release notes
(06) Location
(07) Installation instructions
1) Download the tarball with Parallels Business Automation 
      distribution named as 'pbas-4.1.5-21.tar'.
2) Unpack archive:
        # tar xf pbas-4.1.5-21
        # cd pbas-4.1.5-21
3) Start installation process
  * Attended mode:
      # sh
  * Unattended mode:
      # sh -C
4) If the auto-installer has been started in the attended mode, then
   follow the wizard. If running in the unattended mode, wait for the result
   of the installation.
5) If installation failed, check '/tmp/product_installer.log' for
   problem details and possible resolutions. Please contact support
   for assistance in resolving any problems (do not forget to send
   installer log files along with the problem description).
(08) Known problems and limitations
1) Make sure you have full FQDN hostname before installing 
   Parallels Business Automation on SUSE Enterprise Linux 9. 
   If your hostname is not FQDN, please set it.
   # hostname
   if your hostname is, all is ok.
   if your hostname is myhost, then execute
   # hostname
2) PVC 4.5 for Windows 2008 should be configured according:
3) In PVC 4.5 for Windows 2008  migration of containers doesn't work from 
   Parallels Business Automation Standard interface.
4) Parallels Plesk Panel 10 templates installation takes a long time.
   To install these templates by means of Parallels Business Automation 
   Standard, increase time out in file /etc/hspc/hspc.conf 
   LONG_TIMEOUT set it to 3600 or more
5) To work with standard templates and WACP, compatibility hotfix for 
   PVA agent should be installed:
6) Windows 2008 containers on PVC 4.6 and Parallels Panel 10.3 now require 
   a high security password. Please adjust PBAS password setting at 
   Configuration Director > Security Manager > Setup:
   - "The minimal permitted password length"  is not less than eight characters
   - enable: The password should contain both lower-case and upper-case 
   - enable: The password should contain special symbols
7) If you are going to publish Sitebuilder sites to PVC 4.6 container, 
   you need to install the compatibility hotfix for the PVA agent and connect this PVC node to PBAS 
   using 'vzagent0' login
8) Please note that if you enable the Consolidated invoice feature, customers' 
   services will be renewed without payments. Please check account 
   balance for customers who had enabled this feature to prevent 
   free-of-charge services using.

List of 4.1 updates.

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