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Article ID: 112795, created on Nov 11, 2011, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.0


Any/all of the following bugs takes effect:

PBA-33111 When order is placed for service plan based on PEMGATE service template, having service parameters with "Ask on Order placement" set to "No", the parameters are still requested.
PBA-32999 There is no way to update users password both in POA and PBA systems using PBA API.
PBA-32926 PBA-E allows to change domain to checking renewal status and it breaks renewal order provisioning.
PBA-32837 Webnic plug-in should pass a full state name for .my zone
PBA-32345 Report "Sales" is opening very slow due to running through plan categories belonging to another vendor
PBA-32074 If customer changes name servers before the domain order is provisioned the domain subscription in POA is not created.

Also includes fixes:
The ones listed for PBA 5.0 Update11 for Linux:

Installation instructions

1. Login to PBA APP CT via ssh

2. Install the update:
perl ~bm/tools/ install 112795

3. For WEBNIC container run:

Additional information

1. The update requires:
- PBA 5.0.1-276 for Linux installed.
- PBA 5.0 Update 11 for Linux ( installed.

2. BM PEMGATE DOMAINGATE WEBNIC containers will be restarted automatically during the hotfix installation.

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