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Article ID: 112794, created on Nov 11, 2011, last review on Apr 24, 2015

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  • Operations Automation 5.3


A domain is registered through PBA-E together with a subscription for other services. Two separate subscriptions are created based on two separate service templates, both of which include a DNS hosting resource. This resource is assigned during the domain registration. However, respective name servers do not host corresponding DNS zones.There is no domain zone file on the name servers.

The POA background task "Update named" fails with the following error:Last execution output   Multiple errors during NS update: Internal error: /usr/sbin/rndc /usr/sbin/rndc reload failed with code 1 saying: STDOUT: '' STDERR 'rndc: 'reload' failed: not found'.


1. During domain registration, PBA-E sends a request to POA to put the corresponding zone on the name servers temporarily. This is required for the domain registration process, during which the registrar may verify domain availability on the authoritative name servers.
2. In a separate thread, another service is provided as long as the second service template does contain a DNS hosting resource. An "Auto host domains" configuration parameter is turned on, and POA creates a DNS zone for the domain automatically.
3. Since these actions are performed asynchronously, a race condition may occur when the DNS zone created during the sequence described in #2 interferes with the sequence described in #1.


Edit a service template for other services and set the parameter "Auto host domains" to "No" as shown in the following screenshot:

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