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Parallels Automation Could Infrastructure module allows to create new OS groups for OS families linux and windows. This article explains how to create a new OS group for granular provisioning management.

In order to add a new OS group e.g. Debian-based Linux, follow these steps:

1. Go to Parallels Operations Automation Provider CP, Top > Service Director > Provisioning Manager > Resource Types.

2. Find resource CI Free Linux VE and copy its activation parameters somewhere, e.g. to a text editor.

3. Return back to Resource Types screen and click Add New Resource Type button.

4. Select CI Virtual Environments resource class and click Next.

5. Enter resource type name, e.g. CI Debian-based VE and the meaningful description, then press Next.

6. Enter activation parameters for the new resources using previously copied data in p. 2.
NOTE: Operating system family and Default VE configuration must be filled in with working data from p.2, see the below example:

Operating system group                debian-based
Default VE configuration              [{"name":"Basic","c2u.cpu-hours..cpu_count":1,"c2u.cpu-hours..cpu_frequency":1000,"c2u.RAM-hours..ram":128,"":1},{"name":"Power","c2u.cpu-hours..cpu_count":4,"c2u.cpu-hours..cpu_frequency":1000,"c2u.RAM-hours..ram":1024,"":2},{"name":"Mega","c2u.cpu-hours..cpu_count":8,"c2u.cpu-hours..cpu_frequency":1000,"c2u.RAM-hours..ram":8192,"":60}]
Operating system group menu name      Debian-based Linux
Operating system family               linux

7. Add the newly created resource type CI Debian-based VE to a service plan.
NOTE: It have to be deactivated for this operation.

8. Go to Parallels Business Automation Provider's CP, Top > Product Director > Resource Manager > Resource Categories and add the newly created resource CI Debian-based VE to a Plan Category which is used in Online Store Cloud Infrastructure screen properties.

9. Go to Top > Product Director > Plan Manager > Service Plans, select the Cloud Infrastructure service plan and add the resource CI Debian-based VE to it.
NOTE: Make sure to set non-zero Overuse Fee which is used for hourly billing. Also select Show in Store and Show in CP boxes.

10. Go to Top > Product Director > Online Store Manager > Synchronization Settings and synchronize the store.

After that the new OS group will be displayed in CP and in Store.

NOTE: It is necessary to register at least one OS template in POA > Top > Service Director > Cloud Infrastructure Manager > OS templates for the OS group in order to provision CI servers based on this OS group.

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