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POA background task "Syncing Internal IP Resolver Database with external data source" fails with the following error:

Task ID 6962814
Task name       Syncing Internal IP Resolver Database with external data source
Task description      Syncing Internal IP Resolver Database with external data source
Queue status    Failed   
Start not earlier than  Oct-03-2011 16:10
Method name     taskSync on SCREF:SDK::IPResolver:0
Last execution output Synchronization failed. Look into ipresolver_hosts.op_status for problematic hosts

The table ipresolver_hosts in POA database contains the following records:

SELECT * from ipresolver_hosts where status is not null or op_status is not null;
            host     | comm_ip | status | task_id
    -----------------+---------+--------+--------- |         | i      |
(1 rows)

DNS zone for domain contains manually created A records:

and Shared SSL is enabled for domain.


Shared SSL is enabled for domain while custom A record is used. POA Shared SSL does not support domains with external IP addresses. Only internal IP addresses are supported.


  1. Fix the cause. There are two possible ways to do it:
    • If end user wants to use Shared SSL then custom A record shall be disabled/removed from DNS zone.
    • If Shared SSL is not needed but external IP is required then disable Shared SSL for problem domain.
  2. Restart failed task

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