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  • Operations Automation

Release notes

Fixed Issues

  • APS-5248 Fields for Offer "SharePoint Online Partner Access" are missing in POA Application RT
  • APS-5328 Service User creation always once fails with error "UserDoesNotExistFault" and then executed successfully
  • APS-5387 While Service User creation POA allows to select non trial offers. So SU creation task failed with error "Index was out of range"
  • APS-5705 Polish localization issue - incorrect password strength error message
  • APS-5706 Polish localization issue - incorrect description for "State/Province" setting
  • APS-5734 Office 365 additional resource provisioning failure
  • APS-5741 Office 365: incorrect and slow work of additional resource upgrade / downgrade
  • APS-5798 Gateway does not report some errors to POA although logs theirs into sitelog.
  • APS-5975 Context Header is not passed when using MOSI 2.0 API
  • APS-5992 Office 365: ERROR mosi-clients Adduser
  • APS-6159 Domain verification is not robust enough
  • APS-6202 Unreadable error message about creation of SU for non-trial offer within trial subscription

Update can be downloaded from here:
Please contact Support for its deployment.

Upgrade Instructions

Application package upgrade: required.
1)      Import new application package. For details refer to the POA Provider's Guide, section 'Importing Application'.
2)      Upgrade all instances. For details refer to the POA Provider's Guide, section 'Bulk Application Upgrades'.
Database upgrade: not required.
Gateway server upgrade: required, see instruction below:
1)      Unpack the APS package into temporary folder.
2)      Copy the files from the over existing gateway installation (confirm overwriting of existing files).
3)      No files should be deleted or renamed.

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