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Article ID: 11237, created on Apr 6, 2011, last review on May 10, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.0


Plesk's feature, Overuse policy, does not exist in PBAS 4.0 or hotfix 4. With the 'Overuse is not allowed' policy, domain subscription may be suspended in Parallels Plesk Panel. However, the subscription will remain Active in PBAS, since back synchronization does not work.

In this case, synchronization between PBAS & Parallels Plesk Panel will be lost.


Developers are aware of the problem, and a solution will be implemented in a future update of PBAS. For more information, please contact your Parallels representative.

The workaround forbids the Parallels Plesk Panel from suspending subscriptions on its own. To implement the workaround, configure the Overusage policy to 'Overuse is allowed' through the Parallels Plesk Panel.
To prevent disc space over-usage, you should configure the hard disc quota for FTP users (Disc Quota cannot be overused by files uploaded into the domain via FTP). The hard disc quota may be configured through Control Panel (Parallels Plesk Panel > Subscribers > SUBSCRIPTION > Control Panel) at Websites & Domains > FTP Access > FTP USER:
Hard Quota on Disk Space

The hard quota on disk space is the limit on the amount of disk space that can be used.
If the hard quota is set, and all allocated disk space is used, no further operations on files can be performed.
Hard quota on disk space *

Other resources can be limited with the policy 'Overuse is not allowed' only.

Note that the Parallels Plesk Panel 10.x allows you to configure Overuse policy so that the domain is not suspended when resources are overused. For policy 'Overuse is not allowed' you may choose either suspend or not suspend the subscription under Service Plan or in Subscription customization:
Overuse policy:

Overuse is not allowed
Block overusing resources. Actual resource usage cannot exceed the initial resource allocation.
[x] Suspend subscription when its disk space or traffic usage goes beyond the limit.

Overuse is allowed
Do not block overusing resources, let the customer use more resources than initially provided by the plan. Actual resource usage can exceed the initial resource allocation.
[ ] When limit on usage of a resource provided with the plan is reached, send e-mail according to server notification settings.


By default option Suspend subscription when it... is disabled so that subscriptions are not suspended in the Parallels Plesk Panel when resources are overused. This option does not exist in Parallels Plesk Panel 9.x and it's not expected.

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