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Article ID: 112259, created on Sep 13, 2011, last review on Jul 14, 2018

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This article describes a limitation of the Migration to PVC 4.x feature announced with the POA 5.2 Update 04. For more information about this feature, refer to the following articles:

       #112259 Upgrading PVC 3.x nodes to PVC 4.6 registered in POA
       #111809 POA 5.2 Update 04 (KB111809)


  • The direct upgrade from PVC 3.0 for Linux to version 4.7 is not supported. Refer to article #112388 for more details.

  • All PVC nodes should be upgraded at the same time. It is not possible to provide services on the newly upgraded nodes until the last node is synchronized in POA. Before the PVC upgrade, all service templates that use PVC 3.x for service provisioning should be disabled to avoid service provisioning on nodes that are not synchronized.

  • To complete PVC for Windows synchronization, POA 5.2 Update 07 must be installed. This update contains a fix for the issue "POA-63172 Connection fail on VzWin HW node when synchronizing POA with Vz after Vz 3 to 4 upgrade."
    #112282 POA 5.2 Update 07

  • Container backups made before the upgrade will not be available in the POA interface. If you need to restore an old backup of the container, you must restore the container using PVC utilities. It is strongly recommended to create backups for containers after the synchronization of all nodes in POA is completed. Only new backups made after the upgrade will be available in the POA interface.

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