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Parallels Premium Antivirus (DrWeb) license in form of the shell script is executed on the Parallels Premium Antivirus (DrWeb) host. However, the license was not updated and Parallels Premium Antivirus (DrWeb) installation is still using old license.


Parallels Premium Antivirus (DrWeb) license is shipped in two forms:

  1. A shell script (like, supposed for the installation on a Parallels Panel host.

  2. Native DrWeb form (like DRW.12345678.0000.key).

    Only the last type of Parallels Premium Antivirus may be installed on Parallels Premium Antivirus (DrWeb) host within Parallels Automation infrastructure.


Reissue the same license in the native DrWeb form or alternatively convert the shell script into the native form using the procedure below.

Step 1

Open the shell script in a text editor, find the string, which begins with the word "key", select the content between hyphens and copy it into the separate file (drweb.txt as in the example)

Step 2

Use the Linux base64 utility to decode the text saved in the drweb.txt file on the step 1:

# cat drweb.txt | base64 -d -i &> drweb.lic

You may also use any online base64 decoder to decode the license.

Step 3

The file drweb.lic contains the Parallels Premium Antivirus license in the native form, use it to renew the license on the Parallels Premium Antivirus (DrWeb) host in PA infrastructure.

Follow the instruction in POA Linux Mail Hosting Deployment Guide to install DrWeb license on POA managed host.

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