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The `transaction` command of the logAnalyzer utility (see 9268 - Log analyzer for PBA-E 5.x version) extracts all log entries related to the particular transaction and all cascaded actions. It is useful while analyzing the reasons of various failures such as an order provisioning failure, failed Daily Billing Process and such. See below the real-life example:

Issue: order provisioning fails in PBA-E

1. Log into PBA-E by RDP/SSH
2. Go to the folder with logs - $PBA_ROOT\log
3. Start tailing BM.log and filter by method CreateService # tail –f BM.log | grep CreateService
4. Resubmit order for provisioning in PBA-E CP
5. Find transaction ID in method header (transaction = 178065) in output of tail:[11-08-28 19:08:03.615 Worker1.79  TH03790 NTE] Entering method BM_Container::Worker1.79.CreateService(user = -1, transaction = 178065, SID = 0, lang = en, LP)
6. Use Log Analyzer to fetch log of the transaction: # ~bm/tools/LogAnalyzer/ -l ~bm/log -t "11-08-28" "transaction" 178065
7. Analyze log file for errors

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