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Article ID: 112069, created on Aug 25, 2011, last review on May 11, 2014


An Active Directory related task fails with error like the below:

Last execution output Exception during execution of MPF request: 'Unknown error 0x80131600 [<response><errorContext description="There is no such object on the server. Failed trying to create a DirectoryEntry for LDAP path: fullPath='LDAP://\0ADEL:6c9c6542-f5a1-49f1-9626-2261d89f4b73,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=hosting,DC=local'
input preferredDomainController=''
input ADObject path='OU=Sunday\0ADEL:6c9c6542-f5a1-49f1-9626-2261d89f4b73,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=hosting,DC=local'" code="0x80131600" executeSeqNo="2"><errorSource namespace="Exchange 2007 Provider" procedure="ModifyMailbox"/><errorSource namespace="SW Managed Exchange" procedure="ModifyMailbox"/></errorContext></response>]'.


AD object has been renamed/deleted bypass POA without modifying otherWellknownObjects property of another object, which refers to it.


  1. Determine Distinguished Name (DN) of the object, which owns otherWellknownObjects property with incorrect value from POA database:

    SELECT org_ldap_path FROM exch_domain_services WHERE subscription_id = <customer_sub_id>;
  • Use the article "How to edit OWKO of AD object: add/remove data by MPF call" and the DN obtained on step 1. in order to delete incorrect otherWellknownObjects value (which is OU=Sunday\0ADEL:6c9c6542-f5a1-49f1-9626-2261d89f4b73,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=testcase2,DC=net in the above example) and, optionally, add the correct one.
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