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Article ID: 111996, created on Aug 19, 2011, last review on Apr 26, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.1
  • Business Automation 5.0


PAM-3153 Schet-Facture corrections for RU-market

Installation instructions

1. Login to PBA APP CT via ssh;

2. Install all previous hotfixes:
perl ~bm/tools/ install

3. Enter some internal directory, e.g. /root/parallels/:
cd /root/parallels/

4. Download the following rpms:
wget --no-cache
wget --no-cache

5. Stop PBA:
/etc/init.d/pba stop

6. Install the rpms:
rpm -Uhv bm-cscrussianmarket-5.1.1-015.i586.rpm --nodeps --force
rpm -Uhv bm-message-5.1.1-015.i586.rpm --nodeps --force

7. Connect to PBA DB server via ssh

8. Become superuser:
sudo su -

9. Drop old pba_verify database
# dropdb pba_verify -U pba

10. Run the script:

NOTE: In case PBA APP and PBA DB are installed on one server, use:

11. Return to PBA APP CT.

12. Run the script:

13. Enter locale directory:
cd ~bm/conf/locale

14. Download file there:
wget --no-cache

15. Enter ~bm/conf/wnd/RUSSIANMARKET/customization directory:
cd ~bm/conf/wnd/RUSSIANMARKET/customization

16. Download the following files there:
wget --no-cache
wget --no-cache

17. Start PBA:
/etc/init.d/pba start

Additional information

1. The update requires:
- PBA 5.1.1-014 for Linux installed.

2. Hotfix requires full PBA restart with downtime of approximately 5 min.

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