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Article ID: 111840, created on Aug 9, 2011, last review on Apr 30, 2014

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  • Business Automation 5.1


A VAT Invoice is a type of fiscal document. It shows delivered services and is used for tax reports.

There are two cases in which PBA-E generates a VAT Invoice:

  1. Instant services: A VAT Invoice is generated on the next day after order provisioning. Instant services include setup fees, manual order lines, and domain registration/transfer fees.
  2. Recurring services: A VAT Invoice is generated on the 1st day of each month for services delivered in the previous month.

The below picture demonstrates how PBA-E generates VAT Invoices. Let's imagine that a customer subscribed on the 15th of April and paid for a two month subscription, after which the subscription was terminated.

  1. On April 16th, the day after the subscription start date, PBA-E generates a VAT invoice for the setup fee.
  2. On May 1st, another VAT invoice is generated. This one includes fees for services rendered from April 15th through April 30th.
  3. On June 1st, another VAT is generated. This VAT invoice includes fees for services rendered for the entire month of May.
  4. On June 15th, no new VAT is generated
  5. On June 30th, a generated VAT invoice is issued for services rendered from June 1st through June15th.

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