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Article ID: 111723, created on Jul 26, 2011, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.1


More details in bugs:
PBA-31644 Lines in Realization report should be grouped by Service Code
PBA-31643 Service codes should be shown in reports, but not in VAT invoices or Acts
PBA-31646 Typo in Journal of issued VAT Invoices
PBA-31647  Misunderstanding with debitors/credirits reports
PBA-31640 Post payed payments should not be shown in Payment Allocations Report
PBA-31637 Total tax in report should be summ of all taxes in VAT invoice. Not 18% included in invoice amount!

Installation instructions

1. Login to PBA APP CT via ssh;

2. Enter some internal directory, e.g. /root/parallels/:
cd /root/parallels/

3. Download the hotfix installer:
wget --no-cache

4. Run the hotfix installer:

NOTE: PBA will be restarted automatically. Wait until all containers are up and running again.

Additional information

1. The hotfix requires:
- PBA 5.1.0-180 for Linux installed.
- PBA 5.1.0-180 HOTFIX 111608 PBA-31503 Incorrect Tax Calc in the "Journal of issued VAT Invoices" report ( installed.

2. PBA will be restarted automatically during the hotfix installation.

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