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Article ID: 111681, created on Jul 20, 2011, last review on Apr 25, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.2

Release notes

Full release notes for POA 5.2.3 can be downloaded from here.

Functional Changes
Exchange 2010 SP1 Rollup 4 Support

Fixed Issues
POA-61817 Broken routing in newly created shared containers
POA-61593 Fatal error while adding DNS record to domain in case name server is External
POA-61445 Unable to remove subscription with IIS hosting
POA-61438 The SCRIPT_NAME environment variable is not correct on NG Cluster
POA-61369 Protected folders with '.' in name cannot be created
POA-57764 The network mask of the POA node's IP gets incorrect value
POA-61838 Public folders with names containing hash ('#') symbol have out-of-sync permissions in POA
POA-61794 Outlook cannot connect to Exchange 2010 SP1 server
POA-61705 Mail archiving for qmail is broken and deleted rules are removed from taps only after the second synchronization.
POA-61628 Online and offline address books cannot be used on Exchange 2010 SP1 (Enterprise)
POA-61615 The 'Outlook Profile Configuration' script does not configure local Autodiscover for mailbox with custom e-mail address in Outlook 2010
POA-61608 The 'Outlook Configuration' script and Outlook profile prepared by POA do not work in Outlook 2010 SP1.
POA-61554 The 'Retrieve traffic usage data' task fails
POA-61553 Qmail branding tab is absent for reseller without available qmail hosting resource
POA-61549 OWA redirect does not work after upgrade to POA 5.2
POA-61439 SharePoint sites can be only 10 GB large
POA-61376 Service User in read-only mode: cause is not clear from message shown in
POA-61367 Public folders with names containing hash ('#') symbol after importing have out-of-sync permissions in POA
POA-61347 E-mail autoresponder loop
POA-61346 Fatal error appears on trying to login through provider's brand using credentials of Service User of resellers' customers
POA-60790 Task 'Create BlackBerry account' fails if account already exists on BES server
APS-5549   On POA with Windows-based Management Node executing of Office 365 configuration script causes APS Service Controller failure
APS-5537   The 'protected' settings are not displayed in sub-service

Update can be downloaded from here.
Please, contact Support for its deployment.

Full installation instruction you can find in file UPDATE.txt from the distribution.

Additional information

All required updates for the system can be easy installed through pa_updates_installer (linux only) [instruction]

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