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Provider wants to install POA package on Linux shared host registered in POA.

Package installation fails with the error message yum: command not found, full diagnostics looks like this:

Installation of package webalizer.default 1.0-24 (id=1076) to host (id=201) was failed.
Reason: Native dependency processing failed; list of dependences: webalizer >= 2.21_02-2.
Please either install the packages above, or application templates with them.
Error: /bin/sh: yum: command not found

/bin/sh: yum: command not found
Missing or unsatisfied requirements: { webalizer (>=2.21_02-2) }.


POA package depends on some Linux native package which is not installed on shared host and POA cannot install it automatically because yum is not installed on the shared host. The name of the required Linux native package is provided in the failed task properties.


Resolution depends on type of shared host - whether it is Virtuozzo container or hardware node.

If Provider registered container-based shared host in POA then all native Linux packages must be pre-installed in the container using Virtuozzo application templates. When all required Linux packages are installed in the container Provider may install POA packages on the shared host.

The exact list of Virtuozzo application templates to be installed in a particular shared hosting server depends on its role and may be found in the corresponding deployment guide, e.g.

If Provider registered hardware Linux server then POA will install yum on the host automatically as soon as server is added to POA. If yum was not installed on the host due to any reason (or was removed manually) the problem described in Symptoms may appear.

To solve the problem Provider may install yum manually on the hardware Linux host registered in POA and then try to install POA package again.

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