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Article ID: 111613, created on Jul 8, 2011, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.0


Any/all of the following bugs takes effect:
#PBA-31551 [Webnic] Domains are not registered on .de and .jp domain zones but order was completed
#PBA-31528 Adjustments for PBA-E InternetX plug-in
#PBA-31443 [BOTTLE] Empty SOAPAction in requests to BOTTLE
#PBA-31378 OpenSRS does not understand Japanese company name
#PBA-31243 Daily billing process marks account not billed in case not all ST resources are installed in subscription
#PBA-31152 Propogation of Trial option to POA after 'Renew subscription' from trial to non-trial plan period
#PBA-31131 XMLRPCD stops responding when not closing connection
#PBA-31117 [WEBNIC] asia, de, info, mobi, my, name, net, tel availability check failed
#PBA-30640 [EPNIC]Domain can not be transferred without DNS IP addresses specified

Also includes fixes:
The ones listed for PBA 5.0 Update 4 for Linux:

Installation instructions

1. Login to PBA APP CT via ssh

2. Install the update:
perl ~bm/tools/ install 111613

3. Enabling of IDN support for several zones on Webnic plug-in:
  3.1. Go to Top > External Systems Director > Domain Manager > Registrars
  3.2. Choose Webnic registrar
  3.3. Choose "Registrar Features" tab
  3.4. All further steps should be performed for every of the following zone:
      - name
      - sg
      - de
      - tel
  3.5. Choose featur related to zone needed
  3.6. Click "Edit" button
  3.7. Check "IDN Allowed" box
  3.8. Click "Save" button

Additional information

1. The update requires:
- PBA 5.0.1-276 for Linux installed.
- PBA 5.0 Update 4 for Linux ( installed.

2. WEBNIC, INTERNETX, BOTTLE, OPENSRS, EPNIC, PEMGATE, xrproxy Containers will be restarted automatically during the hotfix installation.

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