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Article ID: 111557, created on Jun 28, 2011, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.2

Release notes

Full release notes for POA 5.2.2 can be downloaded from here.

New Features
POA Exchange module supports LiveOffice e-mail archiving.
Support of Office 365 Integration

Functional Changes
Domain Administration Screen in Customer Control Panel Is Optimized

Fixed Issues
POA-61426 POA UI process consumes too much CPU and cannot serve user requests.
POA-61313 Logparser configuration files are empty after upgrade to POA 5.2.
POA-61299 POA selects mailbox store which is out of diskspace
POA-61291 Reverse zones cannot be updated.
POA-61275 Blackberry cannot be activated for mailboxes having the forwarding enabled
POA-61273 Reorganization of domain administration screen in Customer Control Panel
POA-61244 POA does not let the nodes with different OS versions to be added to the Qmail Cluster.
POA-61233 Blackberry status is not updated in POA Control Panel
POA-61211 The BlackBerry accounts from all subscriptions of customer are visible in Customer Control Panel
POA-61196 Task that changes primary e-mail address should support all-domains addresses
POA-61165 Blackberry service (BESService) stays in 'Unknown' state
POA-61096 Customer cannot add mailbox after subscription provisioning
POA-61077 Scheduled backups of Provider's VPS are not performed
POA-61072 Autodiscover proxy substitutes MAPI server name
POA-61049 'PleskBridge' Service Controller crashes
POA-60886 Limit on number of displayed domains per page does not affect backend behavior of Customer Control Panel. This makes displaying list of domains slow when total number of domains is above 100.
POA-60716 POA Firewall Configuration Guide does not cover external communications for Hosted Exchange 2010
POA-58543 Default entity for @<all domains> mailbox is created on domain without mail hosting
APS-5365    Field 'address2' from user information cannot be used in SaaS applications

Update can be downloaded from here.
Please, contact Support for its deployment.

Full installation instruction you can find in file UPDATE.txt from the distribution.

Additional information

All required updates for the system can be easy installed through pa_updates_installer (linux only) [instruction]

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