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Article ID: 111517, created on Jun 23, 2011, last review on May 11, 2014

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  • Operations Automation 5.4


This article describes how Microsoft verifies the domain delegated to them by POA.

If customers want to use the domain in Microsoft Office 365 services, the domain must first be delegated to Microsoft and verified by them. The goal of the verification process is to make sure the customer is the owner of the domain that is delegated to Microsoft.

POA does not allow users to create any Office 365 services using a domain that was not verified by Microsoft.

The first step in this process is to add a domain to the subscription with Office 365 services in the POA Customer Control Panel:

  1. Log into POA Customer Control Panel
  2. Switch to the All Domains tab
  3. Add the domain to POA
  4. Switch to the Hosting tab (select needed subscription with Office 365 services if needed)
  5. Click on the link that allows users to manage the Office 365 application
  6. Click the Configuration link
  7. Switch to the Domains tab
  8. Add the domain to Office 365 application

As a result, POA will send a request to Microsoft Office 365 servers to add a new domain to the customer's account. The domain will be added by Microsoft, and its status will be Pending Verification.

Domain verification between POA and Microsoft Office 365 servers uses CNAME DNS records. Microsoft will tell POA which CNAME record must be added to the domain zone on DNS servers authoritative for the domain.

POA has to add necessary CNAME DNS records. Microsoft will periodically check if the CNAME records are present in the domain zone by querying DNS servers authoritative for the domain. After the CNAME record appears in the domain zone, Microsoft will mark the domain as Verified during the very next domain verification attempt.

Customer may see what CNAME records should be added to domain zones for all their domains in POA CCP:

  1. Log into POA CCP
  2. Select subscription with Office 365
  3. Switch to the Hosting tab
  4. Click on the Microsoft Office 365 application
  5. Click the Configurationlink
  6. Switch to the Settings tab
  7. Find all CNAME records in the Domain CNAME records section

Microsoft does try to verify the domain within 5 days from the moment of time when the domain was delegated to them. After 5 days, Microsoft will stop the attempts to verify the domain.

If the domain was not verified by Microsoft within 5 days, it means no services were created using this domain and the simplest way to make Microsoft start verifying the domain again is to delete the domain from Office 365 services in POA CCP and add it anew as described in this article.

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