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  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.0

Additional information

Additional installation instruction for PBA systems with Webnic plug-in used
1. Check WEBNIC plug-in is installed and used
  1.1. rpm -qa | grep webnic
  1.2. cat /usr/local/bm/etc/ssm.conf.d/containers-list | grep WEBNIC
      WEBNIC          = as4 fc8
2. Reconfigure org zone checker to whois from webnic
  2.1. Go to Top > External Systems Director > Domain Manager > Domain Zones
  2.2. Click on org zone if any. If no zone is configure, go to point 2.17
  2.3. Check that "First Checker" is Webnic registrar. If no, go to point 2.17
  2.4. Go to Top > External Systems Director > Domain Manager > Registrars
  2.5. Click "Add New Registrar" button
  2.6. Fill "Registrar Name" and choose "Plug-in" to WHOIS (install WHOIS plug-in in case it is absent in plug-ins list)
  2.7. Click "Save" button
  2.8. Choose newly created registrar
  2.9. Go to tab "Configuration"
  2.10. Click "Edit" button
  2.11. Set parameters to the following values:
      Whois server: ''
      RegExp type: 'domain available'
      RegExp: 'NOT FOUND'
      Request Pattern: '%domain%'
  2.12. Click "Update" button
  2.13. Go to org zone as it is described in point 2.1 - 2.2
  2.14. Click "Edit" button
  2.15. Fill "First Checker" filed with registrar created in points 2.5 - 2.7
  2.16. Click "Save" button
  2.17. Go to Top > External Systems Director > Domain Manager > Registrars
  2.18. Choose Webnic registrar
  2.19. Choose "Registrar Features" tab
  2.20. Choose feature related to org domain zone
  2.21. Click "Edit" button
  2.22. Set "Supports Check" field to 'Not Supported'
  2.23. Click "Save" button

3. Enabling of IDN support for several zones:
  3.1. Go to Top > External Systems Director > Domain Manager > Registrars
  3.2. Choose Webnic registrar
  3.3. Choose "Registrar Features" tab
  3.4. All further steps should be performed for every of the following zone:
      - com
      - net
      - org
      - biz
  3.5. Choose featur related to zone needed
  3.6. Click "Edit" button
  3.7. Check "IDN Allowed" box
  3.8. Click "Save" button

4. Login to PBA STOREFRONT CT via ssh

5. Enter some internal directory, e.g. /root/parallels/:
cd /root/parallels/

6. Download additional storefront widgets:

7. Copy widgets to /usr/local/bm/templatestore/phpcode/widgets/_cache
cp webnic_idn_lang.php /usr/local/bm/templatestore/phpcode/widgets/_cache
cp webnic_idn_lang_tag.php /usr/local/bm/templatestore/phpcode/widgets/_cache

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