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Problem Statement

A provider installed the new Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (PVC) for Windows servers, and he or she would like to register it in POA.


Follow the procedure below to register the new PVC for Windows servers in POA.

Make sure the following prerequisites are satisfied:
  • The PVC server has backnet and frontnet IP addresses.
  • The PVC server is accessible from the POA Management node.
  • The Hostname of the PVC server is resolved to a backnet IP address.
  • A valid license is installed on the PVC server.
  • The PVC server is not registered in PVA (Parallels Virtual Automation).
  • All resource types based on the following resource classes are created in POA:
    • Traffic
    • VPS Hardware Nodes
  • A shared VPS backnet IP Pool has been created. This will be used to automatically assign the backnet IP address to Shared VPS during its provisioning.

Perform the steps below to register PVC for Windows servers in POA:
  • Log into POA Provider Control Panel.
  • Go to Top > Service Director Virtuozzo Manager > VPS Hardware Nodes.
  • Click the Register New VPS Hardware Node button.
  • Select the VPS Hardware Node resource type and click Next. (If you have only one resource type based on resource class VPS Hardware Node, then it will be chosen automatically and this step will be omitted.)
  • On the next screen, fill in parameters depending on your version of PVC for Windows:
    • PVC for Windows 3.x:
      • Address - backnet IP address of the Service Container (If the Service Container is working in NAT mode, then the IP address of the PVC server has to be used.)
      • Username - vzagent0
      • Password - password of the vzagent0 user
      • Backnet IP Pool - select proper IP pool from drop-down list
    • PVC for Linux 4.x:
      • Address - backnet IP address of the PVC server
      • Username - Administrator
      • Password - password of the Administrator user
      • Backnet IP Pool - select proper IP pool from drop-down list
  • Click the Next button.
  • On the next screen, verify all entered parameters and click the Finish button.

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