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A provider or reseller has created a new Service Plan in BA 6.0, and they want to publish it in the online store to allow customers to subscribe to this new plan.


There are several steps in Service Plan publishing in the Online Store.

  1. Make sure the Service Plan has Published parameter set to Yes.

    • Log into the BA provider or reseller Control Panel.
    • Go to Home > Products > Service Plans > Service Plans.
    • Click on the Service Plan you want to publish.
    • Make sure the Published parameter on the Publication Settings tab is set to Yes.
  2. Create a Sales Category (optional). Perform this step only if you want to put a newly created Service Plan into a new category of plans.

    • In the BA Control Panel, go to Go to Home > Products > Service Plans > Sales Categories.
    • Click the Add New Sales Category button.
    • On the next screen, fill in all parameters and save the Sales Category.
  3. Add the Service Plan to the Sales Category.

    • Go to Home > Products > Service Plans > Sales Categories.
    • Click on the name of the desired Sales Category.
    • Switch to the Service Plans tab.
    • Click the Add New Plan button.
    • On the next screen, check the box to the left of the newly created Service Plan, and click the Add New Plan(s) to Category button.
  4. Add the Sales Category in the Online Store screen parameters (optional). This step has to be performed only if you have created a new Sales Category during step 2, and it is not yet included in any Online Store screen properties.

    • Go to Home > Products > Online Store.
    • Make sure that the needed Online Store is marked as Yes in the Selected for editing field.
    • Go to Home > Products > Online Store > Screens.
    • Click on the name of the screen you want to add the Service Plan to (The Service Plan will be displayed on this screen when the customer goes through screens in the Online Store).
    • Switch to the Parameters tab.
    • Click on the parameter CATEGORY_LIST_ID.
    • Add the needed Sales Category using either the Add Categories or Edit button.
  5. Synchronize the Online Store

    • Go to Home > Products > Online Store > Summary tab.
    • Click the Synchronize Now button.

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