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Article ID: 111326, created on May 25, 2011, last review on Jun 23, 2014

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The Show Password button is displayed in POA Customer Control Panel. Clicking this button reveals the otherwise hidden password; so customer can view the passwords of their service users.

Provider wants to completely remove the button Show Password from the Customer Control Panel, so that passwords cannot be viewed.


Provider can change the passwords display mode in Customer Control Panel via POA Provider Control Panel at Top > System Director > Configuration Manager > System Properties, the parameter is Show password style.
See for more detail.

The parameter can take one of these three values:
  • Plain -  the password is shown as a plain text.
  • Hidden - the password is shown as hidden text (a string of asterisks).
  • Switchable - a customer can toggle between plain and hidden by clicking on the Show Password or Hide Password button (the title of the button depending on the current password style).

To completely remove the button Show Password from Customer Control Panel the parameter Show password style should be set to Hidden.

Click the Edit button at the bottom of the screen, set the parameter Show password style to Hidden and save changes.

Since POA 5.4 the 'Show Password' button in Customer CP and the 'Show password style' system property are removed, so in this or later versions Provider does not have to perform any additional actions to disable the possibility to see passwords in POA Customer CP.

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