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The file system layout in Qmail is no longer based on the mailbox address as of POA 5.0. It is now looks like a/a/$number-$othernumber


In POA 5.0, support for multiple mailbox aliases has been implemented, with an option to change the primary mail address.

The file system layout has been changed:

  • For mailboxes, it is based on mailname_id, not on hosting_id, in order to eliminate dependency on the primary email address.
  • For maillists, it is still based on domain_namehash (old behavior).
  • For <all domain> entries, it is based on hosting_id (old behavior). Note that no file content is moved during the upgrade to version 5.0:
  • New mailboxes will be created in the new layout.
  • Existing mailboxes will stay in the old layout.


For active mailboxes:

In order to help locate mailboxes on FS, the new utility mailbox_diris now placed in the Qmail bin/ folder.

The utility requires a special environment, as it gets information from the LDAP server. The environment can be set in the shell as follows: 

 . /usr/local/qmail/shared/control/ldap_settings

Thus, the full command for locating the mailbox looks like this:

 . /usr/local/qmail/shared/control/ldap_settings && /usr/local/qmail/bin/mailbox_dir <mailbox@address>

This command will output the path to the maildir.

For deleted mailboxes, e.g. in case something needs to be restored from backup:

Use domainhash utility:

    # /usr/local/qmail/bin/domainhash <domain.tld>

It will output the directory that the files like SHARED-INDEX are located, which are the symlinks to needed files, and using such symloinks provider may try to locate the needed files in backup

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