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Article ID: 111163, created on Apr 20, 2011, last review on May 9, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.0

Release notes

This is a cumulative update that contains all hotfixes for POA 5.0.1 published through April 18, 2011.

1. New features

POA-55148 Parallels Plesk Panel 10 support
POA-55192 DrWeb 5.x support
PAM-1622 Support MyLittleAdmin 3.7 (w/MSSQL 2008) for Windows Shared Hosting
POA-55885 PBAS-POA integration
POA-52708 PVC 4.6 support

1.1. Limitations and known issues

After provisioning Plesk10 without provisioning a license, the domain in CCP will be not in sync.

2. Fixed Issues

Application Hosting
482634 APS caches DOM presentation for each application
POA-55074 Cannot disable Application "SoSure Backup PVC"
POA-55096 Provider should be able to leave application service settings empty in resource type wizard
483264 BPOS: SubscriptionOutOfSeatFault error when trying to add additional Service User
484499 Fatal error when trying to add Drupal service to Service User in CCP
POA-54470 BPOS: failed to install BPOS App by Customer. Internal error
POA-55099 Domains created through PBA are not passed to SaaS application with auto-host-domains option
PAM-2525 Speed up incremental provisioning

Exchange Hosting
486230 UPDATE exch_addons SET in_sync = ? takes 20 min
487115 Creation of mail-enabled public folders fails
487114 Broken auto-login to OWA from MyCP
POA-54616 Transition from 2007 to 2010 breaks Autodiscover functionality
POA-54935 Task to update statuses of BlackBerry accounts fails on Blackberry 5.0 server
POA-54977 Resource mailbox creation from CCP fails
POA-55066 Users are deleted from AD after sharepoint site removal
POA-55740 Assignment of Manually created Exchange Dial Plans to Exchange UM Servers is broken by POA
POA-56000 Customer can see public folders of other organizations
POA-56955 POA does not add the "+" sign in front of the access number for UM Dial Plan
POA-56961 Bulk exchange import -- zero limits are set when mailbox template is specified
POA-56932 Ineffective validator for Exchange public folders

MessageLabs Integration
487210 "Show Password" button is not rendered for MessageLabs integration in CCP when using "Show Password"
487143 Special behavior of "Password" control required for MessageLab screen
487204 MessageLabs: Updating registered users for domain task fails with "There is no domain with name = fqdn.tld"

MXLogic Integration
POA-55078 POA sets hardcoded 1-year billing period for MX Logic customers; it must be configurable by Provider
POA-55831 MX Logic Task Fails
POA-57507 Mailbox with email aliases on several protected domains is accounted for several times in MXLogic
POA-57570 MXLogic resources aren't removed on MXlogic side if subscription in POA is disabled

Plesk Hosting
483761 PleskBridge tasks should fail on transport errors with Plesk
483059 Task "Plesk ... set password to default" fails when removing account with Plesk subscription
485917 [support] domain not in sync for domains hosted in Plesk
487149 When canceling subscription with Plesk, task "Plesk ... set password to default" fails with error "The requested URL returned error: 503"
POA-55017 Wrong VPS backup settings are shown in CCP

Parallels Plesk Panel 10 support
POA-51056 Problems with Virtual Memory at VPS HW nodes: "Consumption" is negative, "Available" is more than "Capacity"
POA-55428 Task "Enable VPS" turns offline management on, regardless of its required state
POA-55814 Locale in [VZPP|Plesk] with autologin
POA-55550 Autologin from CCP to Plesk 10 does not work if offline management is enabled
POA-52708 Auto-login from CCP doesn't work for Plesk 9 on Virtuozzo 4.0 for Windows
POA-55837 VPS backup tasks timeout must be configurable
POA-56433 Task to install Plesk license in VPS fails several times before completing
POA-57052 Fallback to password authentication for Plesk when secret key doesn't work

Postini Integration
485273 Error during Postini import
486596 Postini tasks fail with "This page has expired" error
POA-55098 Postini task fails
POA-55116 Takes a long time to load page "Postini E-mail Security"
POA-56133 Postini E-mail Security should not be shown for Linux Mail services
POA-56079 Symbol (') and some others should be escaped in Postini addresses, aliases, and domains

Qmail Hosting
483605 Cannot enable qmail hosting in configuration with qmail using Gateway role
POA-56805 qmail SMTP authentication attempts are not logged
POA-57067 "pem.cqmail.addMailbox" does not enable spam filter settings

Shared Hosting
POA-56661 New version of httpd
POA-57014 Content Encoding Error in browser when opening WordPress site
POA-55346 ProFTPD vulnerability; more info:
483499 [KB 8767] File Manager issue after upgrade to 5.0
POA-55781 FM stops responding after multiplying operations with files
POA-57771 Timeouts in WebFileManager
POA-56132 It is possible to install Urchin on any domain/subdomain in Subscription, despite resource limit

System Customization and Branding
483287 [KB 8765] Buttons and fields are disorganized in POA UI
479661 [KB 8772] Brand CP with non-default skin -- tooltips in wrong place
483372 Wrong cursor displays when browsing over unclickable rows
483035 SHOW_COMPANY_LOGO_IN_CCP doesn't work
483345 Unresolved placeholders in POA after upgrade to 5.0
483284 Incomplete Tab bar after POA upgrade to 5.0
481253 Double-clicks in POA CP cause strange redirects
483681 Cosmetic problems with CCP after POA 5.0 upgrade
482635 Page controls for long-lists generated
POA-55219 Logo is not used in brand
POA-54187 "Billing" link in CCP works incorrectly
POA-55761 Variable name is URL-encoded twice
POA-56474 On the old skin of POA, action links on the right side of screen are not displayed
POA-56796 Logging in to POA UI is configured improperly

UI and System
POA-55543 Migrated service user properties not displayed properly
POA-55527 AD users are sometimes created in disabled state
POA-57034 Directory Synchronization: unable to "pause/stop" sync of contact objects
Bug 483506 Cannot add specific "MX" records after upgrade to POA 5.0
POA-55108 Migrated accounts are not bound to any POA brand
POA-55426 User cannot change password
482632 Unbound cache of domain services
480092 Core dropped at Plesk::Exchange::MailEntityHeaderList iterator
485257 [support] ResultSets of iterators are not being closed at all
POA-55031 pem.upgradeSubscription sets resource limits incorrectly
POA-56302 Kernel tends to choose the most-often used connection for executing NL queries
POA-56776 ActionParametersStorage may hang under high load
POA-56933 Access to validators is syncronized
POA-56976 Ineffective validator ANY_STRING.PATTERN

VPS Hosting
483516 Need option to set SLM memory limit higher than 2047 MB for x64 architecture
484297 VPS cannot be destroyed when there are failed tasks
POA-55811 Autologin to VZPP for PVC 4.6 does not work
POA-56669 Disabled subscription makes VPS backup periodic task fail
POA-56816 VZATCPConnection may send invalid data POA-56823 NonBlockingTcpConnector::poll_read may retry too many times
POA-57107 Autologin to VZPP does not work for Virtuozzo versions < 4.0
POA-57098 Cannot import templates using PVC 4.6 node: "Target tem is not found"
POA-57370 VZPP 4.6 VPS management buttons won't work while logging in via link in CCP

POA-51173 In IMP or Atmail, the service user login is shown in the "From:" field instead of primary email

3. Obtaining

The update can be downloaded here. Please contact Support for its deployment.

4. Installation

If you have PVC 4.6 installed, then install KB11131 first.

Full installation instructions can be found in the file UPDATE.txt from the distribution.

Please note that this update contains the new POA Agent, which, after its installation, should be used to register new Windows hosts.

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