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  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


There is a hosting plan of the type Plesk Domain with the billable resource Total Mailboxes Quota (pd_totalmailboxquota).

Top > Billing Director > Product Manager > Hosting Plans > PLAN NAME > Billable Resources:

 Total mailboxes quota (pd_totalmailboxquota)    
 Included value  500 MB
 Maximum consumable value        1 GB
 Cost for additional resource allocation 0,00kn per 1 MB / per month
 Upgrade block   1 unit(s)

You successfully synchronized the subscription with the Plesk domain: Top > Account Director > Subscription Manager > Subscriptions > SUBSCRIPTION NAME > Synchronize Plesk Domain.

However, the resource is not updated in Plesk Panel. The following information is shown in Plesk control panel and in the OBAS CP on the page Accounts > Resources:

 Total mailboxes quota 0 B used of Unlimited


In Plesk Panel Windows, Total Mailboxes Quota (total_mboxes_quota) is the resource that is configurable in the Plesk Service Plan (Service Plans > PLAN > Resources: Total mailboxes quota). The resource is supported only if Merak or SmarterMail mail server is used. Only mail servers Merak and SmarterMail allow Total Mailboxes Quota configuration. You can see which mail server is installed in Plesk Panel on the page Settings > Server Components.

The resource configuration is stored in the psa.tmpldata table of the Plesk Panel database:

mysql> select * from psa.tmpldata where element like 'total%';
 | tmpl_id | element            | value     |
 |       1 | total_mboxes_quota | -1        |
 |       2 | total_mboxes_quota | 0         |
 |       3 | total_mboxes_quota | 524288000 |

The resource total_mboxes_quota is not manageable by OBAS, and so it is not propagated to Plesk Panel. The following notification is shown in OBAS log /var/log/hspc/hspc.log:

[2011/04/15 05:21:21] [DEBUG] [28277] [HSPC::MT::Plesk::Protocol::Proto1631::_parse_descriptor_properties] Property "total_mboxes_quota" is writeable by: none

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