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VPS backup/migration task in OA fails with the following diagnostics:

-1: Connect failed:

PVA Agent log file C:\vzlog\PVA\Agent\YYYY-MM-DD-vzagent.log on the hardware node, hosting the VPS, contains the following lines:

T=10:44:48:753; L=(inf); PID=13708; TID=3590; P=VZLOperatorCommon [VZL::VZLHaulControlOperatorPrototype::ChannelHandlerPrototype::doConnect] [VZL::VZLHaulControlOperatorPrototype::ChannelHandlerPrototype::doConnect] Connecting to
T=10:44:58:754; L=(err); PID=2916; TID=354c; P=VZLHaulControlAgent [VZL::VZLHaulConnectorAgent::connect] [VZLHaulConnectorAgent::connect] Connect command failed (3306) Connect failed : 


This error occurs if PVA agent service on the Virtuozzo server with the container cannot establish data connection to the target node over the port 4435.


Most common solution: open port 4435 on the backup node / target node for migration in the local or network firewall.

Use tcpdump/windump (or Microsoft Network Monitor) tools on source hardware node to check if packets are reaching the target server. Check/configure firewall rules on the PVC servers involved in accordance with the following KB articles:

Virtuozzo for Linux - Which ports should be opened on Virtuozzo hardware node and Service Container

Virtuozzo for Windows - Which ports should be opened on Virtuozzo hardware node and Service VE

Operations Automation Firewall Guide

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