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  • Applies to:
  • Odin Automation
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


Warning Upgrade and migration procedures will succeed only when done in strict accordance with the instructions below. Using of other methods and utilities or changing the actions order will most probably lead to broken services and data corruption. Thus, please follow the instructions carefully.

Attention: Use the instructions from this article if you want to perform a major upgrade of the Odin Business Automation Standard (OBAS) server operating system (OS), e.g. an upgrade from CentOS 3.x/4.x to CentOS 5.x or CentOS 6.x. In this case, you need to migrate OBAS to the new server.

If you want to perform a minor update of the OBAS server OS within the current major release (e.g. if you want to update Centos 6.x to the latest version), use the instructions in this article: How to update OS (minor) of OBAS server.

Important: For OBAS versions 4.5.7 and older it is recommended to use hspc-mn-backup utility from attachment. It contains additional checks for equality of installed OBAS components on the source and target systems.

You can use the following instructions to migrate the OBAS system from an old container/server into the new one based on the new OS distribution:

  • Important: If the destination container is located on another Hardware Node, the new OBAS license for the new HWID should be requested in advance of the migration. Please refer to this article to determine the HWID of the new Virtuozzo Hardware Node.

  • Upgrade OBAS system on the source node to the latest version.

  • Install the OBAS system on the destination node with a more recent OS distribution installed. The identical OBAS version (the latest one) should be installed. Please refer to the Odin Business Automation Standard Release Notes and the Odin Business Automation Standard Installation Guide for detailed instructions. Important: To avoid malfunction of OBAS Management Node after migration, ensure that identical set of components were installed on both source and target nodes. Please use hspc-mn-backup utility from attachment for that purpose with --check-migrate option specified. In addition, you should assign a temporary IP address to the destination OBAS server/container (TMP_IP for further reference).

  • Refer to the article How to accelerate hspc-mn-backup utility on accelerating the hspc-mn-backup utility.

  • Migrate your system to the new сontainer/server using the hspc-mn-backup utility on the source node:

    ~# hspc-mn-backup -m root@[TMP_IP]

    IMPORTANT: Use the option -d if you migrate from CentOS 5.x to CentOS 6.x or Redhat 5.x to Redhat 6.x:

    ~# hspc-mn-backup -d -m root@[TMP_IP]
  • Stop the source node (shut down the OBAS server or stop the OBAS container).

  • Change the IP address of the destination server/сontainer to the source IP address.

  • Start the OBAS system on the destination node/container.

  • Install the new OBAS license if the new container is running on a new Hardware Node.

Additional Information

The same instructions may be used if the OBAS database is located on an external server. Use the following scheme for migrating OBAS from CentOS 5.x to CentOS 6.x (Redhat 5.x to Redhat 6.x) and an external database from CentOS 5.x to CentOS 6.x (Redhat 5.x to Redhat 6.x):

  1. Upgrade OBAS 4.3 CentOS 5 to OBAS 4.5 CentOS 5.
  2. Set up a new OBAS 4.5 CentOS 6, 64-bit, and migrate from OBAS 4.5 CentOS 5, 32-bit with hspc-mn-backup, according to the above instructions.
  3. Set up a new DB server with CentOS 6 and MySQL 5.1.66-2.
  4. Migrate ALL databases from the old DB server to the new server with mysql/mysqldump.
  5. Verify the new DB server has the same IP address as the old server. Configure settings in /etc/hspc/hspc.conf if the new IP is different. Make sure a connection to MySQL from the OBAS node is possible.

For additional information regarding hspc-mn-backup utility usage, refer to Odin Business Automation Standard Advanced Configuration Manual.

Ensure that the OS distribution installed on the destination node is listed on the Requirements tab of the OBAS Resources page.

Possible MySQL issues

If after the upgrade you face MySQL errors like

ERROR 1547 (HY000): Column count of mysql.proc is wrong. Expected 20, found 16. The table is probably corrupted


15:13:11 Error loading schema content Error Code: 1558 Column count of mysql.proc is wrong. Expected 20, found 16. Created with MySQL 50166, now running 50173. Please use mysql_upgrade to fix this error.   

please apply the solution from Column count of mysql.proc is wrong

8fc71f07abe5b233fea1ae0377cd5e3d 400e18f6ede9f8be5575a475d2d6b0a6 70a5401e8b9354cd1d64d0346f2c4a3e 624ca542e40215e6f1d39170d8e7ec75 3ef1f5f998c0dc182718a7fe4376f875

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