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Article ID: 128820, created on May 11, 2016, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0


Upgrade to Odin Automation Premium 7.0 is not possible because of failed precheck. Precheck report and log contain messages telling that not all accounts are actualized in APS 2.0


You need to complete account actualization procedure using the instructions below. Please pay attention that the instructions below are applicable only for:

It is strongly recommended to update your system at least to poa-6.0-3517_update07-1014_KB129059. You will need 6.0.7 update or later anyway to upgrade to OA 7.0. On not updated systems you can use only simplified and less stable functionality as described in the chapter "Information about OA versions prior to 6.0.7".

Purpose of actualization and general information

Before upgrading to Odin Automation Premium 7.0 you need to make sure that all accounts are present in APS (actualized). This Knowledge Base article helps you to understand how many accounts are not ready and how to actualize them. Actualization procedure can affect performance of provisioning or other operations, so in case you have significant number of accounts (e.g. more than 5000), then in order to actualize them, it is recommended to customize the schedule to run this task in non-business hours.

How to start/stop actualization

To run mass procedure:

  1. Stop currently running procedures. Please do this even if you assume that you run the procedure first time and there is no actualization or propagation running currently.

    Run the command:

      /usr/local/pem/bin/saas_ctl sync_account stop
  2. Start actualization for account #1 with sub-accounts (Provider)

    Run the command:

      /usr/local/pem/bin/saas_ctl sync_account 1 yes '12:00AM-5:00AM'

Please use the last parameter to customize the timeframe for the migration. It is recommended to select some non-business hours.

After you run this command you can see the task named "Actualization of APS 2.0 resources for the account" in POA task manager.

To run actualization for specific account:

Run the command:

 /usr/local/pem/bin/saas_ctl sync_account <account_id> no

Second parameter means that it is not needed to actualize sub-accounts. To get the status of the task, please check Operations > Tasks > Task Log or poa log /var/log/poa.log

Note: Please do not run the command specifically for account #2. This is a technical account.

To stop the procedure of mass migration:

Run the command:

 /usr/local/pem/bin/saas_ctl sync_account stop

The following log files will contain the relevant information about the procedure:

  1. poa log /var/log/poa.log - contains records for each actualized account. Some errors could be logged here.

  2. Account migration report /var/log/pa/aps2_actualization_report.log – contains total numbers of actualized and not actualized accounts. Also failed-to-process accounts are listed.

How to estimate the number of accounts to actualize and how long it will take

To estimate the total number of not actualized accounts and other objects please download this script. Run it on OA MN and check the report file.


If database is located on other node, call script with parameters:

/usr/bin/python --database:host <hostname> [--database:password <password>]

The report file will contain the number of not actualized objects. The same script is included in OA 7.0 upgrade precheck.

To estimate approximately the time required for actualization, you can use the following information from real testing: it may take about 1 hour to actualize 10000 not actualized objects on the specific hardware with 3.00GHz 12CPU/8G RAM. All the objects listed below are counted:

  • accounts
  • subscriptions
  • users
  • exchange mailboxes
  • domains
  • dns records
  • websites

For example, if script returns you following results

11928/11943 accounts
10613/10770 subscriptions
106204/106798 users
7738/7775 exchange mailboxes
11490/12276 domains
50983/61375 dns records
3300/3383 websites

then it means that you have 202256 of not actualized objects and expected time for actualization could be 20.2h

The same script can be run on OA 5.5 also to get estimations.

How to check which accounts are not actualized

In case if the mass actualization procedure has completed, but some accounts failed to actualize, you can check the list of such accounts by:

  1. checking the log file /var/log/pa/aps2_actualization_report.log
  2. running following SQL query to get the list of all not migrated accounts


select a.account_id as account_id, a.company_name as account_name, a.owner_id as vendor_id, o.company_name as vendor_name from accounts a join accounts o on o.account_id=a.owner_id where not exists (select * from aps_account_context ac where ac.poa_account_id = a.account_id) and a.account_id <> 2 ;

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