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Article ID: 124355, created on Feb 2, 2015, last review on Mar 5, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5

Release Notes

Full release notes can be downloaded here.

Known Issue

The current implementation of Integration 4.7 does not support the Windows-based Management Node as a platform. Use Linux-based Management Node only.

Dependencies and Pre-Requisites

Supported POA versions are 5.5.8 up to 5.5.x and 6.0.1 or later. POA 6.0 is not supported. This application works in the subscription-local mode only.

Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Hosting Pack Integration 4.7

The following new features and changes are introduced with the Integration version 4.7:

  • The capability to view the Windows Active Directory Domain Names and User Names in CCP and MyCP. This functionality helps subscribers to configure IP desk phones for their users and also allows the users themselves to obtain this information quickly and configure their own IP desk phones in an easier way.
  • The capability to assign Lync license and phone number to user in a single API call. The "Assign Lync License to Service User" API method is supplemented with the ability to specify whether a phone number should be assigned to a user license. The input parameter userId now supports both APS ID and PA ID.
  • The ProvisioningEndPoint-*.zip file is renamed to LyncHostingPack-*.zip and is shipped inside MicrosoftLyncHostingPackV2-4.7-*

Fixed Issues

  • APSA-9755 Matched records are not returned when searching for users in Lync
  • APSA-9715 Deprovisioning of "LyncOrganization" fails
  • APSA-9395 CsClient-Policy Settings are not all being copied from the Global Settings
  • APSA-9153 Icons "Phone Calls" should be absent if there are no voice user profile resources in the subscription


Contact your Parallels Support account manager to obtain the new version of the Microsoft Lync Hosting Pack Application Package.

Upgrade Procedure


  1. The upgrade procedure is not reversible.
  2. This upgrade procedure can be used to upgrade the application from version 4.6 to version 4.7.

Upgrading Lync Endpoint host:

  1. At the Lync Endpoint host server, open the directory where the Lync ProvisioningEndPoint files were copied.
  2. Delete all files from the App_Data/scripts directory.
  3. Open the web.config file and write down the values of the ProviderApiUrl and APSControllerUri parameters.
  4. Copy and replace all files in the target directory.
  5. Open the web.config file and restore the values of the ProviderApiUrl and APSControllerUri parameters.
  6. Open IIS manager and restart the Endpoint web site.

Importing Lync Application Package:

  1. In Provider Control Panel, go to Services > Applications and click Import Package.
  2. Provide either the URL where the package is located or select it on your local computer.
  3. Click Submit to import the package.

Upgrading Lync Application Instance:

  1. Open Microsoft Lync Hosting Pack v2 and click Upgrade Instances.
  2. Select Upgrade all instances and click Next.
  3. Click Finish and wait till the upgrade task is completed.


To install the Microsoft Lync Hosting Pack Application, use the instructions provided in the PA Lync Server 2013 Hosting Pack Integration Provider's Guide.

Help Resources

PA Lync Server 2013 Hosting Pack Integration Guides are available here:

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