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Odin Business Automation Standard 4.x

Migration from OBAS failed: Unable to retrieve billing information from the source system Feb, 15 2019
GDPR implementation for OBAS Jun, 20 2018
OBAS GDPR compliance tips for versions prior 4.5.7 and customized environments May, 28 2018
How to make OBAS GDPR compliant? Apr, 22 2018
Application error is displayed on attempt to open "Credit Cards" tab Feb, 28 2018
ResellerClub TLS upgrade Jan, 16 2018
Default gateway from IP pool is not assigned to a Virtual Machine Sep, 2 2017
IP address is not assigned to a Virtual Machine Sep, 2 2017
Resource "The bandwidth a Virtual machine is allowed to use for its disk I/O operations" is set 1000 times lesser Aug, 26 2017
DNS changes for IDN domains are not propagated to OBAS Aug, 11 2017
Greek characters included in a mail message are displayed incorrectly on Yahoo side Jul, 29 2017
Mass update TLD prices in OBAS Jul, 29 2017
[LinkPoint] Transaction declined Jul, 29 2017
OBAS upgrade failed: [exec start] '4.5.7/' with '/usr/sbin/hspc-perl' processor Timeout while executing script. Jul, 28 2017
Error occurred while registration. Error: Domain cannot be renewed. (Period). Jun, 27 2017
Mastercard 2-series bin number cards are not acccepted by OBAS Jun, 14 2017
PowerDNS issues after OBAS upgrade to 4.5.7 version Jun, 13 2017
PowerDNS service does not work: binding UDP socket to '': Address already in use Jun, 13 2017
PA-hosted domains are no propagated to OBAS-managed name servers Jun, 13 2017
"Network" tab is absent for Plesk 9-based Plesk Clients Jun, 13 2017