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You wish to modify/disable the alerts that VDS owner and VDS creator are receiving for one of the following events:

Quota breach

Damaged Files

Site is down

Service is down


The email templates for all the alerts above are configured at the DCM control panel:

Home -> Branding -> Alert Branding


In order to Enable/Disable sending email alerts for VDS creator (Reseller):

1.      Login to DCM as Reseller / DCM Admin

2.      Browse to: Home   Preferences   Edit Contact Details

3.      Enable/Disable the Enable Alerts checkbox


In order to Enable/Disable email alerts for VDS owner:

1.      Login to VDS control panel

2.      Browse to: Settings System (or: Site Management Settings)

3.      Enable/Disable Quota alerts

* Note1: Although the checkbox name is Quota alerts , it refers to all type of alerts.


For VDSs on SDW:

1.      VDSs on SDW do not have the option enable/disable alerts.

2.      In order to disable alerts for a VDSs on SDW you can remove the email address from the contact details of the VDS.



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