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After a VDS was moved to another server via ClusterDirector (or script), DCM still displays the previous server at the “VDS Details” screen


DCM updates the “server” field for a VDS during the synchronization process.

If the VDS exists on a different server then appears at the DCM Database, the “server” field for this VDS is updated.

The synchronization script executes every 30 minutes, unless it was customized differently.


Some times it takes a little longer for the “server” field to be updated. This might happen for one of the following reasons:


1.      There were no VDSs on the target server at the time when the VDS was moved to it.
Servers that do not have VDSs installed are synchronized only once a day at 1 AM (and not every 30 minutes as the other servers).


2.      The "apply service package" button was hit, on a Service Package that is associated with a large number of accounts.
Applying the changes on the accounts is done as part of the synchronization script. Therefore, if such action was taken, all other action (such as updating the “server” data) are delayed.


3.      DCM fails to synchronize the VDS data.
In this case errors about synchronizing the VDS will appear in DCM log files. The log files are located at: ~<Primary VDS>/usr/local/grs/log/

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