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When the VDS owner tries to execute the crontab command, he gets the error:

sh-2.05$ crontab
"/tmp/[VDS Name]":1: bad minute
errors in crontab file, can't install.



On the creation of any VDS, a number that will represent the minute between 0 to 59 is assigned to the VDS using the following command: random.randint(0,60)
This minute (in each hour) is the time when sendmail will run, to check whether there are emails stuck in the queue.
The problem is that this command randomly chooses a number between 0 ~ 60 instead of 0 ~ 59.
As the number represents the minute, in case the number 60 was chosen, there is a problem as 60 is not a valid number of minute.

To fix it, there is a need to edit the cron (in Server level - /var/spool/cron/[VDS Name]) and changed the line to:
59 * * * * /usr/lib/sendmail -q            (the value 60 will appear - please change it to any other number between 0-59)

This issue is a known bug for SDL 4.1


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